Toy: King Ghidorah 2019 (6-inch) Set (JAKKS Pacific)



King Ghidorah 2019 (6-inch) Set

English Toy Title

6-inch King Ghidorah Monster Figure


Argo Jet, destructible city


JAKKS Pacific
15 centimeters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

King Ghidorah arrives in one of the two six inch figure sets for the movie tie in for Godzilla King of the Monsters!


King Ghidorah is a pretty big figure and the body has a nice thick, sturdiness to it. The wings are huge and are made from a soft vinyl which feels great to the touch. The sculpt has some nice detail-particularly in the faces and on the back of the figure which shows off King Ghidorah’s muscular back. Children should be a little careful with the spikes on the ends of each wing as, while they aren’t sharp, they could hurt little hands during rugged play.


The legs can move back and forth and the heads can move 360 degrees. The left head has its articulation spot further up the neck and can still move 360° as well. The problem with them moving 360° is the necks all run into each other. Finally, the wings can move up and down. They can hold a pose in the upright and flattened side position. They don’t seem like they could hold their pose after much playtime, however.


King Ghidorah & Box
King Ghidorah & Box

King Ghidorah comes with the Argo Jet and a destructible building. The building itself is just a solid color. This one being green (in this photo, the brown building set from the Rodan set is shown). It comes in three pieces and is great for smashing King Ghidorah or Rodan through it from the other set.

The building comes in three pieces and it's pretty easy to put together and it's something the intended audience will have a lot of fun with. The Argo jet is just a simple piece of plastic and has no moving parts.


There's not much paint on this one. There seems to be smatterings of black paint here and there-especially on and underneath the tails and a little bit around the feet and legs and a little on the chest. Aside from that, each eye has one dot of paint and that seems to be it.


The King Ghidorah set is great for kids and is meant to compliment the Rodan set. It’s too bad that Mothra and Godzilla didn’t get their own six inch sets so all the monsters could do battle with each other. It’s a good set and one that will give kids a ton of enjoyment!

**Below are a number of bonus images of King Ghidorah from various angles, as well as one featuring the box, the Argo Jet, and some of the destructible city. Note that the brown buildings and Osprey Helicopter are from Rodan's set, while the green buildings and Argo Jet are from King Ghidorah's.**

Rating: Star Rating