Toy: King Ghidorah 1991 Gallery Diorama (Diamond Select)



King Ghidorah 1991 Gallery Diorama

English Toy Title

Godzilla Gallery: King Ghidorah (1991) Gallery Diorama




Vinyl Statue
Diamond Select
28 centimeters


Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah



By: Jeremy Williams (submission)


Following the release of their ’91 Godzilla, Diamond has released their companion piece to that statue. Ghidorah features a sculpt that’s based on its appearance in the 1991 film Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, which this statue compliments the Godzilla one quite nicely. But that doesn’t mean it all fits together perfectly.

This is mainly due to the fact that when connected with the Godzilla statue, it looks to be evoking the classic Noriyoshi Ohrai poster. And while it’s a great pose to sculpt them to combine into, the problem is that the Godzilla statue is pretty much static with no articulation whatsoever, whereas the Ghidorah statue has some articulation in the necks, though it's still very little given how everything is posed as one of the heads to the side of Godzilla looks like it’s meant to wrap around the arm. But it sort of just sits there due to the sculpting as you can see in the pictures.

While none of that ruins the statue, I would say it’s a slight disappointment, not that the Godzilla statue was all that perfect to begin with. But it should be mentioned that some of its issues like the smaller dorsal plates were obviously there so it could properly be displayed with the Ghidorah statue. And unlike this statue, I think it looks good displayed just by itself, as the way Ghidorah is posed really lends itself to compliment the Godzilla statue. One thing this does have over the Godzilla statue though is just how nicely sculpted the figure is. From the texture of Ghidorah down to all its teeth, really love how it looks and captures the classic Heisei design. Can’t praise the overall sculpt enough, it’s just great, though I should add that the sculpt for the ’91 Godzilla wasn't bad, I just think the textures and details pop a bit more on Ghidorah.


As mentioned there is some minor articulation. The three necks can be rotated at their base, though with how they are sculpted and connected you can adjust them only so much. Even less so once you connect it with the Godzilla statue.


King Ghidorah 1991 features no accessories.


The paint job I feel is pretty adequate to good, though it will differ from figure to figure. As you can see in some of the pictures there are some places it could be better. But for me that’s more of a nitpick if anything. I’m actually kind of surprised with how small the teeth are that they end up looking as nice as they do. Outside of a few other places on the statue, the rest of it seems to be just the base color that it was molded in. And while it could’ve use a simple paint wash to accentuate the details a bit more in places, I personally think given the price that it looks good overall.


While not perfect, I feel this is a pretty good statue for Godzilla fans and in particular fans of this Ghidorah design. But I feel it’s a more worthwhile purchase if you plan to get the Godzilla statue or happen to already own it, as I feel it looks so much better that way, especially as it's evoking an iconic pose that creates a great display piece. Just make sure you have enough space to display it. Defintiely not the biggest piece of merchandise to feature Ghidorah, but it’ll still end up taking up quite a bit of space.

**Below are a number of bonus images of the figure, both with and without the Godzilla companion piece.**

Rating: Star Rating