Toy: King Caesar 1974: DefoReal Series (X-Plus)



King Caesar 1974: DefoReal Series

Japanese Toy Title

キングシーサー (1974) | デフォリアル
[Kingushisa (1974) | Deforiaru]




Vinyl Statue
13 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla



By: Chris Mirjahangir

King Ceasar enters the Deforeal family and it’s a pretty awesome entrance with a mix of playfulness and ferocity!


King Caesar is in a really cool fighting stance pose and it looks great. While the expression on his face gives off this playfulness and ferocity, he can look even meaner given the position you look at him at which is especially awesome if you’re into toy photography as this is a very photogenic figure. The level of detail is amazing with the fur and scales. I love how the fur looks like actual fur because it’s sculpted in clumps and it’s very meticulously detailed! King Ceasar’s “crown” looks great as well. The centerpiece of the figure is the face. The level of detail is astounding with each crevice and curve exquisitely sculpted. I especially love how the teeth look like the suit in that there’s a gap between them and the rest of the mouth. The eyes are especially awesome with the red color which really helps the fierce look. I can’t tell but I THINK the “pupils” (black rings) in the eyes are decals but they look great!


The paint is great with a mix of brown and black for the fur and it really helps with the detail. The teeth are something I wish were whiter so they would pop a little more but here they’re a dull white with a black paint wash other them. It looks ok. Moving on to the claws, it’s the same off white but here, black paint to add a dirty yet detailed look to them. It looks great and while it does match the teeth in terms of a paint scheme, a brighter white across the board would have nice. But, that’s a nitpick. The only bit of paint that I’m not fond of is how the green paint on the “jewel” in the middle of his forehead. It ‘s sloppily applied and stands out like a sore thumb.


This is a pretty great looking figure and King Ceasar compliments MechaGodzilla 1974 nicely. The playful fierceness of the figure really is great to admire and it’s one of those pieces that you want to keep out on a shelf to a desk to just have around on display. Highly recommended!

**Below are a number of bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating