Toy: Flying Hedorah (Y-MSF)


Flying Hedorah

Japanese Toy Title

Y・MSF ヘドラ 飛行形態
[Y-MSF Hedora Hiko Keitai]




17 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Hedorah



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Captain’s Log,

The date is January 28, 2018. The time: 3:50 PM. I am bored out of my mind. After two pots of coffee, four episodes of Ultraman Orb and now onto Gamera vs. Gyaos as part of my annual Gamerathon, I am at a loss on what to do this Sunday afternoon. With nothing to do until some friends are off of work, I could either sit here doing nothing or do a quick review that I’ve been wanting to do for sometime…

So here is the review not a single soul has ever asked for: Y-MSF Flying Hedorah.

So yeah.


Back View
Close Up

Hedorah is sculpted entirely out of soft vinyl. It’s actually rather squishy compared to other vinyls. Its made of two separate pieces, the top half and the bottom half. It seems as if the bottom half could pop off if one muscles it. I never attempted this and really don’t plan on it either. The sculpt is pretty spot on to what we’ve seen in the film with the top portion rather smooth but ridged and the underside more lumpy and uneven.

Scaling wise, it looks great next to Bandai’s six inch Hedorah, Showa Godzillas, etc. It fits the bill perfectly.


Flying Hedorah doesn’t have legs, arms, a tail nor a head. Can’t articulate stuff if there’s nothing to articulate.


Did you honestly expect any?


Top View
Back View

Hedorah is sculpted entirely in gray vinyl and then painted a silvery color. The color of choice works very well and matches pretty well with what is seen in the movie. True, there could be some better shading but the figure’s natural shadows cast by its bumps and ridges give it plenty of depth. Additionally, the silvery paint is pretty light reflective so no matter what way you put it, you can get some nice, glossy appearances.

The only real paint details on this figure seems to be its eyes, which look okay at best. They could look better and lack the ridged “irises” of the creature’s onscreen appearance, giving them a more generic appearance.


It’s Flying Hedorah. A form of the monster Bandai will probably never put out. It scales well with other six inches figures and fills the void if you ever wanted to represent this specific transformation of the Smog Monster on your shelf. Don’t overpay on it because it does tend to go for a lot nowadays. My only real complaint is the non-screen accurate eyes.

**Below are several bonus images, including some underside and size comparison shots.**

Rating: Star Rating