Toy: Hedorah 2005 Super Festival: Giant Monsters of the Century Series (Marmit)


Hedorah 2005 Super Festival: Giant Monsters of the Century Series

Japanese Toy Title

世紀の大怪獣シリーズ 2005 Super Festival ヘドラ
[Seiki no Daikaiju Shirizu 2005 Super Fesutibaru Hedora]




23 centimeters


Godzilla: Final Wars



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)
Back View
Back View

Ah, how times have changed. When I first got back into the world of collecting a few years ago, I decided to dip my toes into the vast sea that is Marmit. Compared to other companies with stylized figures, I generally really liked what this company did with their sculpts and colors. Thus, when I bought my first one, it was a slippery slope. I told myself I’d only get a handful of these a year. Now, I own a total of six Marmits. Not a very big number compared to others, but with limited space and limitless interest in various lines, I’m a bit picky about which ones I pick up.

When browsing Club Tokyo years ago, I discovered this particular release and loved the colors. Plus, the sculpt looks pretty cool. Unfortunetly, every time I actually spotted one online, it was way out of my price range. Thus, like a few other items, I chalked this up as a figure I’d love to own but would probably never get. Until I found one for a decent price on E-Bay. With no other bids, I watched this item like a hawk for several days and managed to get it at a fairly reasonable price. True, it didn’t come in its bag or header card, but I never really cared about that.

This Hedorah is a limited release. A repaint of the standard version, it was sold strictly at the 2005 Superfest. How many of these were actually made, I do not know. But if you see one and are into these types of figures, is it worth it…?


Top View
Top View

Standing just a hair over nine inches, Hedorah is a pretty big boy. He’s sculpted in hard, neon green vinyl. The sculpt is pretty well done, but in a “cartoony” style. I can’t say he really looks like he’s made of sludge, but you can definitely tell this creature isn’t your typical monster from the texture.

He does scale pretty well with other Marmits and stylized figures. He looks really well next to the M1 Godzilla 2000.



Nothing super fancy about Hedorah’s articulation. The arms, legs and tail are all capable of rotating. I don’t really see the point of the leg articulation, but it is what it is. Hedorah’s arms do look pretty neat when spread outward, almost as if he’s begging for a hug.


Nope. None. Nadda.


Hand Paint
Hand Paint

The paint is where I just fell in love with this figure. Part of me wants to call this thing Hedorah featuring Evangelion Unit 01. The green and purple just mesh well with one another. It is far from accurate, but makes a nice display piece on the shelf. Hedorah also sports orange eyes and orange on top of its head that runs down its face and onto its chest. Additionally, some of its “tubes” have this same shade of orange at the openings.

Something I really never noticed about this figure until receiving it is that there is glitter on its head and arms. Why? I have no idea. But it gives it just a bit more sparkle. Can’t complain about that.


If you’re looking for something screen accurate, this is obviously not for you. This is a highly stylized Marmit with outrageous colors. It scales well and looks well with other figures of this type, but will look way out there when paired with similarly sized Bandai figures. I like this thing mainly because of the zany colors. Don’t know why, since I generally prefer more screen accurate or “realistic” colors. If you find it for a price less than an arm or a leg and want it, don’t let it slip by. It’s a pretty solid release that looks cool.

**Below are several bonus images, including some side view and size comparison shots.**

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