Hedorah (Chess Piece)
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Hedorah
Company: X-Plus
Extras: Stand
Classification: Chess Piece Reissue: No
Release: 2002 Height: 10 centimeters
Anthony Romero

X-Plus has been very active in regards to toys and collectibles for the Toho monsters. They can be pricey, but their releases are generally high quality with lots of detail. In the early part of the new millennium, the company started to release several chess pieces based on the Godzilla franchise. One of those collectibles was the final form of Hedorah, which was issued in 2002.

Close Up

Like their other chess piece releases, Hedorah is very detailed and looks authentic in regards to the nuisances of the original design. The eyes in particular are amazing, having a very deep color range and a slightly glossy look compared to the more earthy body which makes them stand out. On the downside, the front chest area feels a little loose in terms of detail, including the hands, but at a glance the figure is very imposing.

The coloring on this figure, while not commendable, is good. As previously mentioned, the eyes are fantastic, and draw a lot of attention to themselves when looking at the piece. The head is a slightly lighter green, which gives the figure a bit of diversity in its look even if its not accurate versus the original design. The body also has some faint orange coloring through out, which breaks up the monotony. Its not colored in with the same care as one might expect on a larger figure, but at a glance it works for this chess piece.

Back View

In regards to the back of the chess piece, its a little disappointing. The tail looks great, and extends out an appropriate length while also having good detail. The two "sacs" on Hedorah's back are also represented here, although with not a lot of detail. Coloring is particularly sparse, outside of a few orange marks. Suffice to say, the back is serviceable, but lacks the attention to detail and care that was placed on the front of the collectible.

The chess piece is a heavy resin, weighing more than it looks. As expected from a chess piece, the collectible is not moveable or possible. The default stance, with one arm at its side and the other slightly raised, is a good choice for the Smog Monster. The item comes in three pieces with very minor assembly required out of the box. In total, there is the body, the tail and the stand. The tail is easily attached to the figure and stays in place very well on its own. The stand is a flat piece of resin "dirt" with grooves for the figure to comfortably be placed in. In terms of this being actually used as a chess piece, forget it. One will need a gigantic board to fit Hedorah on it, even with the tail removed.

Overall, it might not be a good chess piece, but as a small, model figure Hedorah is well made and worth a purchase.

Rating: Star Rating