Toy: Hedorah [2004]: Ultimate Monsters (Bandai) Name
 Hedorah [2004]: Ultimate Monsters
Version Source
 Godzilla: Final Wars
Company: Bandai
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2004 Size: 14 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Released as part of the first wave of the Toho Ultimate Monsters line by Bandai in 2004, this particular release marks one of the only and best figures of the new millennium version of the Smog Monster.


Body Pieces

Standing at roughly five and a half inches once completed, Hedorah is virtually a paperweight at this point. However, this isn’t a figure made to be a plaything or anything of the sort. It is molded in very hard vinyl with its eyes being made of plastic.

Like others in this line, it is smaller than your typical Bandais and lacks articulation. It also has to be pieced together, however doing so is very easy. All together there are eight separate pieces: both arms, both legs, its face, body, and its tail is in two pieces. Once assembled, this makes for one great display piece.


Hedorah comes with no accessories.


Hedorah has no articulation, instead acting more as a display piece.


Rear View

And this is where my praise for the figure will begin. While I find the Hedorah suit in the 2004 film extremely lacking (and thankful it hardly gets any screen time), this figure looks absolutely stunning. There is so much detailing and colors here that I believe it looks leagues better than what we saw in the movie. There are hardly any plain parts on this guy. Even the tail has great paint shading on the edges. If there can be one complaint to be made is that a simple layering of gloss could of helped this figure look more like wet slime.


Scaling wise, Hedorah fits well with the others of his line and that’s it. It’s too small to fit in with most other lines. I guess you could put it with Trendmasters figures as well, but the sheer quality of the sculpt and detailing will make it stand out like a sore thumb. This is a very nice figure that continued to act as my sole 2004 Hedorah. It is also my favorite figure of this line (that I own).

Rating: Star Rating