Toy: Godzilla vs. Zilla Battle Box 5 (Bandai)

Godzilla vs. Zilla Battle Box 5

Japanese Toy Title

「ミニバトルG ゴジラ超決戦」 BATTLE5 ゴジラvsジラ
["Mini Batoru G Gojira Cho Kessen" Battle 5 Gojira vs. Jira]


Piece of candy


10 centimeters (Godzilla), 8 centimeters (Zilla)


Godzilla: Final Wars



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

I will never understand why Zilla doesn’t get love when it comes to vinyls. Even when the 1998 film was released, Bandai skipped over a standard vinyl figure of the American Godzilla. It was largely ignored for Final Wars as well. To celebrate the 2004 film, Bandai released a large number of Battle Boxes featuring the monster cast of the 50th anniversary movie. Everyone was included… Everyone that is, except for Zilla.

Just one year later, Bandai released five more of these Battle Boxes, this time focusing on various battles throughout the timeless franchise. It was here, at last, that Zilla got some recognition. Featuring in Box number five, Godzilla vs. Zilla was recreated.

But is it worth it?


Side View
Side View

Each figure is scaled much smaller than your typical figure. They do scale well with other Battle Box figures, however. But these things are only three inches in height, give or take. Zilla is even smaller than Godzilla, so he won’t fit in with your typical vinyl even as a “smaller kaiju” that he’s known as. The figures are made of soft vinyl and, surprisingly, have some pretty good detail to them. Godzilla is the better sculpted of the two, but Zilla hardly falls short given the cheapness of this set and the size.


Both monsters feature the same type of articulation in the arms, legs and tails.


These Battle Boxes are known to be Candy Toys and actually come with a small piece of candy. The candy included in a single, circular piece that is virtually a large lemon sour.


Back View
Back View

Both of these figures are very simple. Godzilla is sculpted in a dark gray vinyl and features some nice paint and shading on his spines. His eyes, tongue and teeth are also cleanly painted without any paint splotching. Zilla is even simpler with his sculpt in a light gray. His back and spines have been given a quick metallic blue spray coating while only his eyes and teeth are painted. Unlike Godzilla, his pupils are not painted giving the lizard monster a somewhat demonic appearance with orange eyes.

It should be noted that the Godzilla in this set is the same one featured in 2004’s Battle Box of Godzilla vs. the Gotengo, however that version actually had some more paint applications on the kaiju’s claws.


Front View
Front View

Not a bad set at all. It is nice to see Zilla be able to stand alongside his Final Wars co-stars, which is the main reason I believe anybody will really chase down this 2005 Battle Box. While it is far from a bad set, please do yourself a favor and wait for a deal. I’ve seen these things go for $50 on E-Bay and it is just not worth it. These figures are small and are obviously meant as cheap kids’ toys. The paint could be better, but for such small releases at their original MSRP ($10, I believe), can you really complain?

**Below are several bonus images, including some of the box and included candy.**

Rating: Star Rating