Toy: Godzilla vs. Kong Set (Youtooz)



Godzilla vs. Kong Set

English Toy Title

Godzilla vs. Kong Godzilla vs. Kong




Vinyl Figure
11 centimeters (Godzilla, Kong), 5 centimeters (ship)


Godzilla vs. Kong



By: Chris Mirjahangir

The iconic Battleship shot from Godzilla vs. Kong comes to life in a diorama from YouTooz!


One of the first images that came out from Godzilla vs. Kong was Kong throwing a punch at Godzilla on an aircraft carrier, and it’s represented here in diorama form. What’s interesting is Godzilla’s pose. He’s got his right arm ready to strike Kong almost like he did after Kong’s punch connected. It’s a neat little feature. Godzilla’s scales are really on display here with a ton of detail. The backplates look great as well with grooves in them for added detail. Kong has nice fur detail and he looks as great as he did on the throne diorama.

In this diorama, they’re supposed to be fighting on a battleship, but with no mention of the setting being a battleship and no description on the box, people who weren’t familiar with the scene by not seeing the movie in the first place would probably be wondering what’s going on. The battleship itself is rather bare and could definitely use a few things like little jets and runway paint. What’s there looks cool with little fires and a small, I wanna say, “command center building”. I’m not sure what it’s called, but you should get the idea. There’s that and a couple of black rectangles behind Kong, which I think are supposed to simulate some sort of buildings. The water underneath looks really cool with the wave designs underneath. Oddly, it seems that Kong is on the wrong side. If you look at the way the ship tilts into the water, it’s lower on Kong’s side and higher on Godzilla’s side. Godzilla, being the heavier monster, should be on the lower side.


The figures do not possess any points of articulation.


No accessories are included with this set.


The paint here is great for the most part. The pink of Godzilla’s inner mouth/tongue are expertly painted and look great in contrast with the grayish/white teeth. Godzilla also has dark blue back plates here, although it’s not a paint job, it’s just the color of the molded back plates inserted into the figure. Godzilla’s claws look great with a dark grey color. Kong’s paint is mostly well done with a couple of blemishes here and there in the upper mouth and lower jaw red paint along the gum line. The orange wound paint is free of blemishes. For the ship, the fire paint looks awesome with the orange color, which really gives them a lot of life in contrast to the grey of the ship. Finally, there’s the water effect, which really adds to the piece. The mix of blue and white to simulate water and spray really adds to the diorama!


This piece is a nice centerpiece of any collection and would look great on any desk or shelf. While I wish there was more detail to the ship and Godzilla was accurately positioned, the monsters are the centerpiece here and it does a great job of recreating one of the most iconic images of the film!

**Below are several bonus images of the set.**

Rating: Star Rating