Toy: Godzilla Vinimates Series 2 (Diamond Select Toys)



Godzilla Vinimates Series 2

English Toy Title

Godzilla Vinimates Vinyl Figures Series 2




Diamond Select Toys
10 centimeters





By: Chris Mirjahangir

Vinimates Collection 2 is here and, while the monsters are varied, it’s obvious that this set was quickly put together.


I’ll just say it right now: Burning Godzilla is their Godzilla 1954 release with painted flames and eyes. That’s it. For Godzilla 1962, the feet have three toes and the head is new, but as you can see, the rest of the figure is the same down to the backplates.

Fire Rodan is the only sculpt that’s new and he’s pretty cool. His wings are thicker at the top and the membrane gets thinner, which is a cool touch. It’s not just one big piece of vinyl, which is nice. The horns and spikes down the back look great, too! His mouth is open which gives him a goofy yet playful look.

Godzilla 1962’s head looks alright. It looks ok from the side but kinda goofy head on, but it does have a certain charm to it. I like it.


There’s not much here, really. Godzilla’s/Fire Rodan’s head can move 360 degrees and so can the tails of both Godzilla’s. That’s it. On a positive note, the tails don’t come detached in the box so you don’t have to pull out the hair dryer to heat up them up to attach them.


No accessories included in this wave.



Fire Rodan looks great with his beige fade on the wings moving into the brown upper wings. The horns and back spikes look great in the grey color (it’s not movie accurate but these are stylized figures). The teeth are painted nicely along with the tongue. The eyes - well, one looks straight and the other looks downward, which is distracting when you look at it head on. I do like the look of the yellow eyeballs mix with the black pupils, though.

Burning Godzilla has these sort of paint stencils with orange flames and bits of yellow in them, which adds a little bit of detail. The eyes on this figure look better and have a crazy look to them with the mix of black/orange/yellow eyeballs and a black pupil. The final bit of color is on the backplates and there’s just an orange outline that reaches down just near the body/tail connection. The backplates are also mixed with a grey design on either side and I like how it pops. Well done! I would have preferred a more movie accurate white color to the lower backplates, however. The claws, teeth and toes are the same dirty white color as Godzilla 1962 and it looks ok. I’m a big fan of the bright white color for claws, but this will do.

Finally, there’s Godzilla 1962 and his eyes look straight forward, not in a crazy way like Burning Godzilla but more of a serious way, if that makes any sense. They’re rather simple paint-wise with just a yellow eyeball and a black pupil. The backplates are the same as Burning Godzilla’s, but just with a painted grey outline with the same paintjob as Burning Godzilla for the rest of the backplates. I feel that a white outline would have worked better since I think it would be more eye catching.


This wave is an interesting set and I do like the new sculpt (and sculpted portions) of the figures, but I feel like for any new Godzilla’s, there should be more effort being put in rather than just a head swap. They do look nice so if you’re in the market, check ‘em out!

**Below are a number of bonus images, including some alternate views for Burning Godzilla 1995, Godzilla 1962, and Fire Rodan.**

Rating: Star Rating