Version Source
Company: Trendmasters
Extras: Trading Card
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1994 Height: 11 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

The king is here! Before the notorious 1998 remake, Godzilla was brought to the United States toy shops by the one and only Trendmasters. Aiding him were five of his fellow co-stars: Rodan, Mechagodzilla, King Ghidorah, Mecha-King Ghidorah, and Mothra. Godzilla was also given a new "form" called Super Charged Godzilla, this version however, was just a repaint of the mold and was colored more closely to the movie monster than the normal, whom was colored green. The release I'm covering right now is for the basic, green-colored Godzilla. This particular release was also released with sound, but this review is for the basic version without the sound.

Side View

Unlike other figures, Godzilla stands just a hair over four inches, allowing the likes of Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla to be in proper scale with him. The monster king's main body is made of hard plastic while the end of the tail, head, arms, and legs are all made of hard rubber. The mutation's arms and legs can rotate, and as can the beast's head and tail end. Sadly, how the tail was designed, looks rather weird when in use. Instead of the entire tail moving, just the mid-section does.

Not surprisingly, Godzilla is based on the fan favorite Heisei incarnation. This is particularly evident in the larger legs, ears, and feet, and face. Unfortunately, Godzilla also suffers from shrinkage of the limbs, a deadly disease that seems to have also invaded the bodies of most other six inch scaled kaiju. The arms of Godzilla are, quit frankly, tiny. Like Mechagodzilla, Heisei Godzilla was never known for large arms, but nor for very tiny ones like this release has. Another shrinkage aspect comes in the creature's spines which are scaled more to look like they'd belong on Godzilla Junior. The tail is also rather short, but not as short that I could actually make a large complaint about.

Back View

Details wise, Godzilla is fairly decent. He sports no less detail than any other Trendmasters figure, but the green coloration is getting rather old. The silver spines, touched in with some green here and there, looks rather nice, and he sports a nice looking snout. As a kid, I kind of wished the mouth would have been molded open so he could bite other kaiju, but there's not much you can do about that or complain about.

Like other figures, Godzilla was released with a trading card that has a decent picture of him (once again green...) with better proportioned arms and spines. The back of the card show cases a short, but accurate history of the monster king  and gives some stats that lists a rather funny running speed: 40 miles per hour. The image of the bulking Godzilla running 40 miles per hour just makes me snicker. Sadly, while the card also lists his trademark atomic breath, it leaves out the all mighty nuclear pulse.

This was one of the first Godzilla toys released in the United States during the 1990s and remained such until the American remake of the classic film. While Godzilla sports some faults here and there, and continues the rather annoying use of a green hide, he isn't such a bad toy to have. In his hay day, he's faced everything from other kaiju and the aliens line of toys, and I'm  sure, as the toys get passed down, he'll continue to do battle with the forces of evil.

Rating: Star Rating