Toy: Godzilla Terrestris: Toho Series (Playmates Toys)


Godzilla Terrestris: Toho Series

English Toy Title

Toho Series Wave 1 - Godzilla Terrestris




Playmates Toys
15 centimeters


Godzilla Singular Point



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Playmates continues their streak of out of left field releases with Godzilla Terrestris from the Netflix anime “Godzilla Singular Point”.


Sculpt wise, Godzilla Terrestris’ mold is highly detailed. The scales along the tail look great and I like how the raised scales look on the legs and arms. The inner portion of the mouth is highly detailed as well. The overall design has a look that can be either fun/goofy or downright creepy depending on the angle. Looking at the figure head on for example, it’s a slight bit unnerving. Underneath the neck and leading down to the start of the tail is nicely detailed as well.

I’d also like to add that it’s nice that Playmates has included a non-compromised tail design in the package when compared to the old line from Bandai USA and their Godzilla line. With that line, the company was concerned that people would just take the tail out of the packaging and the figure couldn’t be sold with a missing tail. So, their solution was to curve the tail to it would stay in the box and have less chance of being stolen etc. Playmates has thankfully come up with a different solution which you can see in the photos.


While the arms and legs can move almost 360 degrees (because the arms bump into the legs and vice versa), and the tail can move 360 degrees, the point of articulation I question is how the head rotates. The point of articulation is at the neck instead of the back of the head. It just looks weird.




While the detail and design on this figure look great, the paint is a little strange and this isn’t the most accurate version of the figure. On the back of the box, the figure shown is an early prototype with a brighter blue color for the mold and the claws and toe nails aren’t painted. The box also has an image of Godzilla Terrestris from the anime in a desaturated photo, which is rather odd. Finally, the figure itself isn’t TV show accurate since the the claws aren’t painted. So, there are three versions going on in one package.

For the paint on the actual figure, it looks pretty cool. I like silver paint on the backplates and they add a pop to the figure. The toe nails are perfectly painted without a blemish. The teeth however didn’t make it to that level as there is a couple of small blemishes on the teeth, which is pretty distracting. That little mistake aside, the paint job is really well done.


Godzilla Terrestris is an interesting figure and one that I think would be a great addition for the collector crowd and the aimed younger crowd as well.

**Below are several bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating