Toy: Godzilla with Radio Tower (Playmates Toys)


Godzilla with Radio Tower

English Toy Title

Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla with Radio Tower


Radio Tower, Battle Damage Part


Playmates Toys
15 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Kong



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

So this is what it feels like. My first ever, company-given figure specifically for review purposes. So let me just say thank you to Playmates Toys for supplying this. With that said, this is a toy that can be found widely available at stores like Wal-Mart. I had actually already purchased the Kong with battle axe, Skull Crawler and heat ray Godzilla figures before the package for this figure arrived. But how does it stack up? Well, pretty nicely I’d say so myself.



Godzilla stands at roughly six inches high with a total length of nine inches. He’s made mostly of a hard plastic with his spines, tail, feet, arms and bottom jaw seemingly made of rubber. Sculpt wise this is the same figure that was also released with the atomic ray. In fact, the atomic ray accessory from that set can fit perfectly in this Godzilla’s snout. This is not knocking the toy at all, however. For a measly $10, this figure is packing some pretty nice detail and blows the Classic Godzilla line Playmates also does out of the water. The spines are especially nice.

The battle damage effect of the chest could be a bit better, but the “exposed ribs” (I’m guessing that’s what’s suppose to be) get the job done. The pose is pretty generic and the tail must be attached once removed from the packaging, a feat that is easily done.

Scaling, Godzilla looks great alongside Playmates other figures for the movie. I really can’t wait to see more.


Godzilla has your typical, six inch figure articulation. His arms and legs can all rotate, as does his tail at the mid-section. Something you don’t see very often in this scale of figure, the monster’s bottom jaw is on a hinge, allowing it to open and close. Finally, the feet can also move slightly.


Godzilla comes with two accessories. First off, you get a little piece of skin that covers the battle damage of the chest. The second is a radio tower that I’m sure factors into the movie’s story somehow.


The biggest weakness for this release is easily the paint, or lack there of. Godzilla is sculpted in a dull gray color and there is no highlighting or shading, leaving the color pretty boring. The spines do have a nice blue applied to them. The toe claws are also painted a different shade of gray, something that is kind of hard to even make out in basic lighting. The face is pretty iffy, with the teeth just painted a clean stripe of white and the eyes orange with tiny black pupils. Just a little more paint details on the body could have made this look a lot better.

It should be noted that the back of the package has this Godzilla with blue eyes while the figure itself has orange.


For $10, it isn’t bad. For hardcore collectors, surely not, but for kids getting into the franchise, you can’t go wrong. Seeing it alongside the other toys released thus far, I’d have loved to have these when I was but a kid. The battle damage is a neat little gimmick and plus the accessories each toy comes with, you have the making for a kid’s imaginary adventures with these characters locked down. I’ll surely be following the line and I really hope Playmates can transform their Classic Godzilla line into a series like this. The only major flaw here is the paint, and hopefully that can be fixed in future released.

**Below are several bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating