Toy: Godzilla Mystery Minis 3-Pack (Funko)



Godzilla Mystery Minis 3-Pack

English Toy Title

Mystery Minis: Godzilla (3-pack)




8 centimeters





By: Chris Mirjahangir

Funko’s Godzilla Mini Mates are a fun bunch of figures and an interesting addition to the overall Godzilla toyline. How are they? Read below!


Back View
Back View

One design, 3 figures. I do like the design though. The bumps (scales) are in the right places and the expression is a mix of ferocious and playful. Three versions are presented here, and the first is an all orange Godzilla which is supposed to be a fire Godzilla. The orange really does have a great pop to it and it’s a real eye catcher and has brighter orange backplates than the color of the body. The next is the Burning Godzilla figure and it has this sort of shiny black effect going on which I like along with somewhat darker orange backplates than the “Fire Godzilla”. Finally, there’s what appears to be the “standard” Godzilla. It’s not as attractive as the rest but it’s still a solid piece. The gray backplates mix with the figures pretty well. The tail on the figures bends up in the back. It looks cool and adds to the overall playfulness of the figures.


These are little statues. They don’t move.


This set comes with no accessories.


There’s very little paint going on with this set. The painted parts are the teeth, toe, tongue and hand claws. The orange Godzilla’s paint has a couple of missed spots on the claws and the green Godzilla has a small blemish on ones of his claws. The backplates aren’t colored at all, they’re colored molded plastic (like the figures are) but they do look really nice. The fire effects along with the eyes are just decals which kinda sucks because they can be rubbed off.


Aimed at the fans of the more cartoony, fun interpretation Godzilla, this is a nice set to have. It’s a great introduction to the younger set and for adults, it’s a nice addition to the collection. There are two versions of this set with a mystery figure for the third figure in the set. The mystery figure in the set I got was Burning Godzilla and the other mystery figure, which I didn’t get, is one which I assume to be Godzilla 1954.

Special thanks to Entertainment Earth for sending in this pack for review!

**Below are several bonus images of the three out of four variants.**

Rating: Star Rating