Toy: Godzilla: King of the Monsters Latex Masks (Rubie's)



Godzilla: King of the Monsters Latex Masks

English Toy Title

Unisex Godzilla Adult Deluxe Overhead Latex Costume Masks






Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought it might be fun to do quick reviews of the costume masks of Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra by Rubie’s Costume company. I originally got these in July at SDCC 2019 but decided to hold off on reviewing them until now because of Halloween. Because of this, the Godzilla mask for example, looks a tad warped but it’s nothing permanent - it was just laying on its side for a few months and the form should return. So, without further ado, here are the quick reviews of each mask.



Mothra Mask
Mothra Mask

Design: The most evil looking but most detailed of all the masks goes to Mothra. Bendy wire antenna and faux fur really make the mask stand out. The only problem is that it’ll only cover about half of your head because to put it on, you just have to put it on your face. I don’t like this aspect of the mask because it falls off so easily. It would have been nice if the mask covered the full head or at least had a stretchy band to keep it attached to my head but, no such luck. Visibility is low too so be careful when moving around.

Paint: The paint on the mask is ok. The beige color for the teeth looks to be quickly applied. For the eyes, although they’re a solid color, I do like the way that the blue paint looks for the eyes.

Overall: This mask could have been the best of the three if not for the fact that it’s a pain to keep on your head due to its poor design. I’m sure there will be those out there who will find a way around this problem however.

Rating: Star Rating



Rodan Mask
Rodan Mask

Design: With an expression that is a cross between creepy and goofy, Rodan’s mask is pretty cool looking. Inside the mask, some of the foam part came apart from the glue that was holding it in so it’s tough to know if I get an accurate fit or not. It fit ok and was a better fit than the Mothra. It was able to cover my head without falling off. Inside the mask, in the section with the horns, are just balled up pieces of paper to help keep the form. Like the Mothra mask, this mask doesn’t lend itself to visibility (with the eye holes next to the eyes themselves) and may be a little challenging when walking around.

Paint: The paint on the Rodan mask is pretty nice. The mix of the dark red and black paint is expertly applied. The black looks great and really adds some detail to the mask and the beak. The eyes look great as well and really add to the creepiness of the mask.

Overall: The mask looks great and fits better than the Mothra mask but the visibility issue drags the score down a little bit. If the internal foam hadn’t shifted perhaps that would have affected the fit/visibility issue.

Rating: Star Rating



Eye Close Up (Godzilla)
Eye Close Up (Godzilla)

Design: Godzilla is the best of the bunch and has the most playful of all the designs. From the great detail of the sculpt, to the bumpiness of the scales it’s a pretty cool looking mask. The expression is in a roar so adding the tongue is a nice detail. I also like the backplates going down the back of the head. The roar pose also doubles as a way to see out of the mask. On the sides of the mouth, is a black mesh where you can see out. The visibility is much better with this mask but it’s not totally perfect so move slow when you walk around with it on.

Paint: The paint on the Godzilla mask is done very well. White paint on the teeth with a little bit of gray mixed in adds depth which I like. The dark red color of the tongue mixed in with black paint and the black paint in the mouth makes the mask look really cool. Finally, the eyes are a mix of dirty white and brown and they add to the fun of the mask.

Overall: The Godzilla mask is the most “user friendly” of the masks with its increased visibility will no doubt be the most popular of the three. The head looks great and so does the paint.

Rating: Star Rating

**Bonus images for the Mothra, Rodan, and Godzilla masks can be found below.**