Version Source
Company: Koosh
Extras: None
Classification: Koosh Reissue: Yes
Release: 1998 Height: 10 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

There's not much I can say here beyond the words... GODZILLA KOOSH BALL! Released in 1998, this Koosh Ball was one of many items to be released alongside the famous reptile's American remake. Clearly based off of the US version of Godzilla, this ball is held together by countless rubber hairs. The ball also has Godzilla's head, arms, legs, tail, and three of its back spines, all of which are made of rubber and are bendable to some degree. Unlike other Godzilla items, this doesn't really belong sitting alongside actual fingers, instead this neat little Koosh Ball looks best sitting on a desk or on a book case, or maybe even as a paper weight. The little ball makes for a great outside toy. I should know... I used it as such during my own childhood.

Side View

There's not much one can complain about this release besides the fact it can be hard to get it to stand properly. One really has to bend the legs a bit and he needs to lean against his tail in order to be for it to be showcased. As expected, he can't strike any poses, but then I don't think any Koosh Balls are able to.

Surprisingly, given the nature of this release, Godzilla's actual parts sport some good detail. Everything here looks near-identical to the movie's star iguana, including detailed limbs and very nicely done dorsal fins for the beast. Besides that, there's not much one can say to describe a release like this like one would an actual figure. It is a Godzilla Koosh Ball after all, and Koosh Balls are simply awesome. Now if only we could get some Koosh Balls of the real Toho kaiju.
Rating: Star Rating