Toy: Godzilla with Heat Ray (Playmates Toys)


Godzilla with Heat Ray

English Toy Title

Godzilla vs. Kong: Godzilla with Heat Ray


Heat Ray, Battle Damage Part


Playmates Toys
15 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Kong



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

Once again I would like to extend my thanks and appreciation to Toho Kingdom and Playmates for allowing me to be a part of reviewing toys for the upcoming Godzilla vs Kong film! Let’s get started!


Heat Ray Godzilla stands at 6 inches tall. The figures stands in a neutral pose. Like the other figures, the tail requires some easy assembly. Scaling wise the figure looks great next to the other Godzilla vs Kong figures but also scales well with the 2019 Rodan and Ghidorah 6in figures from Jakks Pacific.

The battle damage feature is so freaking cool. It reminds me of the old Jurassic Park toys I had when I was a kid. I love that Playmates did that with these toys. Really adds some imagination and playability to them.


At 6in tall, Godzilla has a few points of articulation. The arms, legs and feet can all move as well as the tail. Godzilla’s jaw is able to open and close, which I love that they put that feature on.


This release comes with 2 accessories. The first is the battle damage piece of skin that goes on the chest. The second is an atomic breath piece that looks fantastic and is a translucent blue.


The paint on this Godzilla figure is particularly impressive. The figure itself is a solid black with shades of dark grey. The claws are a dark grey. The battle damage is a solid blood red whereas the skin piece is the same black as the figure. The part that really stands out though on this figure is the translucent spikes on his back. I have been begging for years for a toy company to do this detail and Playmates did NOT disappoint on this one. The eyes are an atomic blue with black pupils.


I absolutely love this figure and what Playmates has done with the Godzilla vs Kong toy line as a whole. These are exactly the kind of toys I wanted when “Godzilla (2014)” and “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” toys came out. Playmates has absolutly knocked it out of the park and I would love to see the rest of the Monsterverse monsters get toys like these as well! Honestly I wouldn’t mind if the Classics line was done in this style, either! Kids and fans are going to absolutely eat this line up especially with the $10 price point you can’t beat!

**Below are several bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating