Toy: Godzilla Electronic Mask (JAKKS Pacific)



Godzilla Electronic Mask

English Toy Title

Godzilla Electronic Mask




JAKKS Pacific


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

One of the more fun entries in the Jakks Pacific Godzilla line, the Godzilla mask is something to make the adults laugh and delight the kids-if you can get it to work properly.



The mask does look really cool and the placement of the speaker in middle of the forehead blends in nicely. I like how there’s an on/off switch on the side of the mask and how it’s molded into the mask so as to not be intrusive.

The build is on the more rugged side and can stand up to light punishment from the intended audience and the straps are easily adjustable. It does look really cool when the roar sounds and the blue lights go off and it’s nice that there’s a variety in the roars and they’re nice and loud too.



To activate the roar, you put on the mask and open the jaw slightly to get a roar/groan and all the way to get a roar and the blue breath effect. This SHOULD work but no matter how much adjusting I tried, I couldn’t make it happen without a lot of effort. From what I can tell, is that there’s too much distance between where you’re to put your nose and the chin cup.

Once the mask is on, you have to fully open your mouth to get the roar/blue breath effect. Sounds easy right? In my experience, and in the experience of those who I got to try the mask on, you have to really open your mouth to get the effect, almost to the point of trying to stretch your jaw just to get it to work. Adjusting the head straps helped but not by much.


There are no accessories with this release.


The light green paint that starts on the nose and gradually fades into the rest of the mask looks quite nice. The teeth are a bright white-ish yellow. It looks really cool and pops quite nicely.


As a mask, it’s cool looking but as a functional light/sound roar mask, it’s not the best in my experience. Maybe there was something simple I was missing in the strap adjustment or something else. Regardless of getting the light/sound function to work as intended, kids will find a way to make it work (most likely by pulling down on the jaw). This mask will really be cool around Halloween time!

**Below are a number of bonus images, including some close-up shots of the inside of the mask.**

Rating: Star Rating