Toy: Godzilla Wireless Earphones (cheero)


Godzilla Wireless Earphones

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cheero Wireless Earphones with 6 GODZILLA Voice patterns






Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah



By: Chris Mirjahangir

With all the Godzilla merchandise coming out the past few years, one of the most different are these Godzilla earbuds from Cheero. They were a severely limited run and it’s not possible to order them anymore and I hope that this changes in the near future! And now, onto the review!


While there are an abundance of earbuds out there, for a Godzilla fan, none of them are as cool as these. Housed in a magnet clamp case, both ear buds are emblazoned with the “Godzilla” logo. In the middle is the power indicator showing how much power the buds have. The case itself is emblazoned with a Godzilla logo which is albeit a bit dark and does seem like with a lot of handling, it could get rubbed off.

The case itself has a magnetic hinge top which seems to be very sturdy and will withstand the many times one opens and closes the case. On either side of the case are charging ports. One for USB and one for USB-C. I didn’t receive a charging case with my review copy but was able to scrounge one up for review. When charging the earbuds, you put them in their slots, there’s an indicator that tells you how much juice each earbud has. When you take an earbud out, you can hear Godzilla roar in the ear buds. It’s pretty cool! There are other roars (all from Godzilla 1984) for low battery for example, that play in different situations. See the manual in this review.


As far as how they sound, well, they sound slightly tinny sound with an ok bass response. Serviceable when listening to music or watching movies. Possibly a graphic equalizer app could help improve audio/add settings for more audio options. There are plenty of those on the Google Play store (and I’m sure on the Apple store as well). There’s also no noise canceling/passthrough so you can’t listen to music and be aware of your surroundings. For me, not a big deal but it might be for others.

Call quality was pretty good. I could hear my friend who I tested the earbuds on and they sounded good but not great. On their end, I sounded like I do when I use my normal headset, a Plantronics 5200.

Finally, there’s the comfort level. In my history with earbuds like this, they hurt my ears something awful. These however, didn’t. I would have liked to have checked out the different ear tips that are normally included with the retail products but my review sample did not come with them. I’m not sure which eartips I have, but whatever I have, they’re pretty comfortable. What I did was put the earbuds in and then give a slight counter clockwise turn once the ear piece was in. It helped a lot.


Overall, this is a pretty good headset, which for what it is, is serviceable. The coolness factor, however, is raised significantly because it’s a Godzilla headset. It’s not often something like this comes out but is aimed squarely at the hardcore fan. While there are better sets out there with more features and better sound, but none of them have Godzilla in them.

**Below are several bonus images of the earphones and case.**

Rating: Star Rating