Toy: Godzilla 2019 Trading Figure Set: Hyper Modeling Series (Art Spirits)


Godzilla 2019 Trading Figure Set: Hyper Modeling Series

Japanese Toy Title

[Art Spirits Geki Zo Godzilla 2019 Zen 6 Shu]


Base, stand (Rodan); rock base (Mothra Larva)


Vinyl Statues
Art Spirits
9cm (Godzilla/Burning Godzilla)
9cm (Mothra Larva)
21cm (King Ghidorah), 14cm (Rodan), 17cm (Adult Mothra)


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Intro: Art Spirits' "Hyper Modeling Series Godzilla (2019) Trading Figure set" is a pretty interesting collection of figures from Godzilla King of the Monsters. How do they stack up? Read below!

King Ghidorah

Art Spirits King Ghidorah is hands down the most impressive figure of the lot. The gold paint really stands out although it doesn't really match very well with the dark gold of the wings. The main body is very yellow and it looks great with the white claws of the toes, which I think is the first time I've ever seen any sort of color on King Ghidorah 2019's toe nails.

There doesn't seem to be any sort of eye color for the figure, although the middle head on the left side has sort of a black streak coming out of the eye, and the other side, not so much. There's a bit of black paint scattered around the heads to give them detail. As for the rest of the body, there are a bit of black for added detail around the legs and chest and back. I really like how I can see the scales and the level of detail on the body is incredible.

For the wings, although I stated previously that the gold color does not match the body, it is still impressive. With bits of black for added detail, the level of detail on the sculpt is amazing. You can actually see veins inside the sculpt for the wings and even little bits of wing damage on the outer wings.

As far as the tails go, they blend better with the wings and have bits of black for added details as well along with some really nice skull detail on the undersides and top. The tips of the tail look great and really add to the ferocity of the figure.

Godzilla 2019

Godzilla 2019 is probably one of my favorites of the bunch if only for the back plates and how nice they look. They're a great look of blue and black-and-white blue and it just looks amazing. The red paint in the mouth and tongue go great with the crazy electric blue eyes, and it really accentuates them. The rest of the body is gray with bits of black and sort of a lighter gray wash over it.

The tail comes separate in the box, and to attach, you just pop it into Godzilla’s figure. It can take a little doing if you don’t heat up the slot with a hair dryer, but it’s really not a big deal. The pose Godzilla is set in looks really cool and dramatic. The backplates are also translucent for that bit of added coolness if lit properly.

Burning Godzilla 2019

Burning Godzilla 2019 is the exact same sculpt as Godzilla 2019. While it’s a cool pose, I’d have liked a different pose to show some variety. The backplates are translucent here like they are with the Godzilla 2019 piece. The paint is a mix of orange, black, and yellow with black paint on the backplates for detail. It looks great and it really does give off that “burning” look. The eyes are painted yellow, but one eye seems to have gotten more yellow paint than the other. But, it’s a small nitpick.


Rodan’s piece is pretty awesome with his dramatic “busting out of a volcano” pose. I love how the positioning of the legs give the illusion that he just burst right out and is ready to attack. With Rodan, the wings attach pretty easily and they hold their pose. For the paint, I like how the black mixes into a dark red and into orange to simulate the fiery outer wings. I like how the eyes look with a yellow pupil which makes him look far more menacing. The inside of the mouth is painted really nicely, too.

I especially like how the glow from the volcano carries over to Rodan. The legs and midsection have a glow effect, which looks really nice. The volcano is also the stand which you plug the clear plastic rod into and then insert into Rodan. The volcano itself has some really cool detail to is with crevices, with flowing lava out of the sides with some yellow paint mixed in as well. The paint is a dark brown with a fade to to the orange lava, which becomes denser when it gets to the center. There’s even added rock detail into the sculpt in the center. It’s a pretty impressive stand to say the least!

Mothra Larva

Mothra larva’s an interesting piece because the legs have to be applied separately. I’m sure that there are other figures where this is common place, but for me, it’s rather new. The front legs are on a plastic piece (for lack of a better term), which you can pull off and put into the corresponding slot holes. They do seem to fit in perfectly but it's a little weird to be pulling them off the plastic piece. The included instructions are extremely helpful and very easy to follow.

Do be mindful of the small size of the legs, however. While doing this review, one of the legs fell into the grass where I was sitting while taking the photos. I felt the leg hit my leg but I never found it and it was lost in the grass. So, while looking at Mothra, try to imagine her with all her legs intact.

The legs don't seem to stay on very well, either. I didn’t attempt the hair dryer trick but chances are, that will work.

As a sculpt, Mothra is very nice to look at and she’s in a very cool, dramatic pose. Paint wise, mouth looks a little odd because it's just a white circle. There's a nice brown color with bits of black for detail on the back of the sculpt, and the brown paint has a cool glaze which I like. The eyes are black with bits of a electric blue which looks really cool. Two of the legs act as peg holes that fit into the slots of the included mate. The base is a bit of a rock formation which, while not in the film, provides a nice little stand for the figure. It’s nowhere near as cool as the volcano Rodan has, but it does have a cool mix of grey/black for detail.

Adult Mothra

Adult Mothra is a straight up dud because of a design flaw (which I’m told by Art Spirits that it will be fixed in a future re-release) when you try to attach the wings. The wing tips are actually male and female ends. So what you have to do is, when you insert one wing, the other wing with the male end on one side and the female end is on the other interlock in the middle. In my attempts, the pieces did not meet whatsoever and not even the hair dryer trick - which was suggested by Art Spirits when I inquired - worked. I've heard of people actually just gluing the wings on to the figure and calling it good.

Mothra’s paint is very subdued yet colorful. The wings are generally Mothra’s centerpiece and here the colors are very dull. The mix of orange, yellow, and red are in there, but it just looks lifeless. There’s also a layer of blue paint in a sort of stenciled design which looks ok and looks nice on the outer wings, but it’s nothing special. Sculpt wise for the wings, they have a lot of grooves and bumps that make them feel like wings, which is great.

For Mothra herself, the sculpt is very detailed and her legs give the illusion that they’re very sharp and deadly, which is a great effect. Her sculpt has two smaller wings which have the same grooves to and bumps that the attachable wings have. I really like the sculpt detail on the body as well.

For her body’s paint, it's got a nice a light brown on the top and underneath has some sort of grayish color that extends to the limbs which is blended nicely. The head itself seems to be painted independently and the piece doesn't match the rest of the figure at all, which is a bit distracting. While the paint is still dull, the design on the wings looks pretty neat and the blue paint actually looks better here because it’s put into uniform sections rather than how it’s applied on the attachable wings. I do wish more of an attempt to make the paint be more eye catching was attempted, it would have made Mothra really pop in the set.


Overall, I like this set quite a bit and they're a great addition to any display by themselves or in a collection. Art Spirts has done a wonderful job here and while they shine in bigger sculpts like Gigan, the same amount of care extends to these smaller pieces. Highly recommended, but wait until the re-release for a fixed Adult Mothra.

Rating: Star Rating