Toy: Godzilla 2019: S.H. MonsterArts (Bandai)



Godzilla 2019: S.H. MonsterArts

Japanese Toy Title

S.H.MonsterArts ゴジラ(2019)
[S.H. MonsterArts Gojira (2019)]


Atomic Breath effect, extra mouth piece


Bandai / Tamashii Nations
15 centimeters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

5 years after the release of the Godzilla 2014 figure to promote the film, Godzilla 2019 is here to help promote the Godzilla King of the Monsters film. It's a bit better from the previous release and actually has a beam effect this time (for the first release anyway).


Design-wise this is a very nice figure and the sculpt is really detailed. I like all the detail that went into the back plates and the scales. It's a really cool looking figure and I like it better than the 2014 version.


Front View
Front View

For articulation, the arms can bend at the elbows, the hands can move 360 degrees and so can the arms at the shoulders. The legs can do 360° and so can the feet, and the legs can bend at the knees. The tail has very smooth articulation and can hold the pose which is really cool. The head has very smooth articulation so Godzilla can look up and it's really helpful when trying to do the beam effect so it looks like he's firing the his beam up in the sky and it emulates the movie poster. It’s a little tricky to pull off and you have to be careful when positioning. What I’ve found the trick to be is to gently push the sections on the neck into each other so that it builds stability, and then you can pop the beam effect into the slot. Godzilla can also turn side to side slightly, and slightly when you move him back and forth.


Extra Mouth Piece
Extra Mouth Piece

For accessories, the beam effect and a jaw with the beam stand are included. The way that it works is that you pop off the bottom jaw and then put in the jaw with the beam effect base and then you have to position Godzilla so he's looking straight up. Then, you pop the beam into the slot and then you can emulate the movie poster. It does take some adjusting and it took me a little bit to get it right.

Also, be careful of Godzilla's head popping off. It seemed like it was designed to take any sort of stress which would make it pop off so you're not breaking it or putting it under any sort of unneeded stress so it would break.


For the paint, it looks okay on the teeth. It looks like a little bit of the red gums have been blended with the white of the teeth which is pretty sloppy. The claws and toenails have the sort of grayish green paint application, but the toenails didn’t have the best application because they look quickly painted and there are a lot of gaps in the paint. For the eyes, the pupils aren't in the best positions paint wise. They're not uniform and looking straight ahead but you have to get really close to even notice. The eyes on this figure are very small.


Overall, this is a pretty cool figure! I like how a little bit more care has gone into painting the teeth as opposed to the horrible paint applications for the teeth on the 2014 figure. The articulation is especially nice and is it worthy addition to your collection if you're collecting the merchandise from the film or just a fan of this line.

**Below are several bonus images, including some shots of the spines and some with the accessories.**

Rating: Star Rating