Toy: Godzilla 2019 (12-inch) (JAKKS Pacific)



Godzilla 2019 (12-inch)

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Godzilla 2019 (12-inch)




JAKKS Pacific
30 centimeters
51 centimeters


Godzilla: King of the Monsters



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Jakks Pacific returns with a larger stable of Godzilla toys than their one off 3 foot Godzilla figure. Included in the 2019 line is the 12 inch Godzilla.


Front View
Front View

The 2019 version of Godzilla is a nice upgrade from the 2014 version. The backplates are more traditional and the elephant style feet have been fixed with wider feet and more elongated claws. It looks more like a “traditional” Godzilla than the previous version which I really like. One thing to note is that the tail comes in pieces. I didn’t have much trouble putting on the first section but the second section I had to heat the end with a hairdryer for 30 seconds before inserting the rest of the tail. It’s not a big deal but I didn’t expect to do it either. Also, Godzilla will be bound into the box with TIGHT binds at the feet. I don’t recommend a box cutter to cut them because they might damage the figure. The best bet is to use a pair of heavy scissors and to carefully angle them to cut the binds. It’ll take a little bit to pull off so be patient when doing so.


Godzilla’s arms can move to from his sides up to his mid section and the legs can move back and forth a good 180 degrees. The tail sections can rotate 360 and…that’s it. The head doesn’t move and the jaw doesn’t open and close either.


There are no accessories with this figure.


Spines View
Spines View

The paint on the figure is minimal. The teeth are painted white and it looks like a good paint job except for the front teeth where the paint looks rubbed off a little. The tongue is painted nicely in a bright pink color which looks good. The eyes are yellow with a black pupil and when you look at the figure dead on, they’re only kind of cross-eyed. I’m sure this will vary per figure because this is a mass produced figure however.

The only real paint application is the sort of greenish/gray paint on the chest which runs from the top half of the lower portion of the tail the neck and it looks really nice.


Although it’s a shame that there are no monsters this size in the Jakks line up for Godzilla to fight, it’s great to have a Godzilla toy of this size for the 3+ crowd. Though the movement on the figure is limited, I don’t think that it will hinder the imagination of the intended audience too much.

**Below are a number of bonus images, including some close-up shots of the body and tail.**

Rating: Star Rating