Toy: Godzilla 2016: Toho Series (Playmates Toys)


Godzilla 2016: Toho Series

English Toy Title

Toho Series Wave 1 - Godzilla (2016)




Playmates Toys
17 centimeters


Shin Godzilla



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

Apologies for the delay on this review. Life has been really hectic lately, but you’re not here to read about that, you’re here to read about what I thought of Playmates' new Shin Godzilla figure, which is part of the Toho Classics line! Once again I want to extend a huge “Thank You!” to Toho Kingdom and Playmates for providing me with another figure to review. I love being able to do this and am excited to share my thoughts on Playmates line of Godzilla figures! Here we go!


Unlike Playmates' previous Godzilla figures which were made out of either hard plastic or vinyl, Shin Godzilla seems to be made out of both plastic and vinyl, which looks and feels great. The figure stands at 6.5in tall and is sculpted in an attack position rather than a neutral stance. Godzilla’s tail comes in 1 separate part, which easily attaches to the figure. The body of Shin Godzilla is really well sculpted. It’s a vast improvement over the previous release. It looks much more like he does in the movie as compared to the first release. The paint and details look great and really stand out much better compared to the first figure. Scaling wise, the figure fits perfectly with Playmates' other Toho Classic figures.


As with the other figures in Playmates the Toho Series line, Shin Godzilla’s head, arms and legs can all rotate, as well as the tail. The feet can also rotate as well.


No accessories.


The paint on Shin Godzilla consists of mainly black with red on the chest, legs, dorsal fins and along the tail with the end being completely red paint with a shade of black. The claws on the feet and hands consist of grey. The mouth is red with the teeth being a tan color. The eyes are white with a dot of black for the pupils. Unlike the first release, the black paint on this figure isn’t glossy, which is an improvement in my opinion.


While I was mixed on the first Shin Godzilla figure Playmates released a few years ago when they started the line, this new Shin Godzilla figure is a huge improvement over the original. The sculpt is fantastic and the details are great. With each release, Playmates Godzilla figures just get better and better. Not only does the figure look great but the box art is absolutely fantastic as well! I love the artwork and the little synopsis on the back about the movie. I’m really hoping Playmates starts promoting their Godzilla figures more on social media because these are great figures and I really want to see this line continue to do well. This is a great figure to pick up if you are a fan for $12.95. Looking forward to seeing what comes next for the Toho Classics Line!

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Rating: Star Rating