Godzilla 2014 Movie: Smash Strike
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 Godzilla (2014)
Company: Bandai
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 17 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

The first of Bandai's "Fighting Figures" up is the "Smash Strike" Godzilla figure. The figure's torso is supposed to move around side to side when you push down on the back plate section near the tail. Here is a visual representation of this. As a bonus, following the text review is a video review by Barron Christopher as a tag team review of the figure.

Back View

Due to their nature, all of the "Fighting Figures" are a bit different despite all being based on the same character. This particular figure is grouped from two parts: an upper and lower body part. Visually, this looks okay from the front, in fact the details in the head look quite nice when viewed straight on. Sadly, the toy looks a little off from the side where the midsection connection can be viewed.

In terms of articulation, the torso can also move up and down slightly. The arms on this model actually can bend at the elbows, as well as move up and down. The jaw is also loose to simulate Godzilla biting as you move the torso around. The legs can move but not very much as there's very little articulation.


Paint wise, it looks like the teeth were painted on the outside of the mouth along the jaw line rather than closer to where they should be. The tongue is unpainted which is an odd choice or perhaps an oversight by the design team. Otherwise, there isn't a lot of paint applied outside of these, the eyes and the chest being a different tone than the rest of the body.

Overall, it's a fun figure for kids who will no doubt use the toy to fight with their other toys, pets, and siblings as well as knock over toy buildings. The button to move the arms can tire out the thumb as you have to apply a little bit of pressure to get the desired effect from the toy. However, this won't matter depending on the child's play style.

For a special bonus, here is a complementing video review of the toy as well by Barron Christopher.

As a side note, here is the Fact Sheet listing for this figure:

SRP $14.99
Item: 39520
Control Godzilla with these Fighting Figures! Choose from "Tail-Strike™" Godzilla with swinging tail manipulated via a chest control, or "Smash Strike™" Godzilla, whose devastating upper body attacks are activated through an upper-tail control lever!

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