Toy: Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2004 (Bandai)


Theater Exclusive Godzilla 2004

Japanese Toy Title

ムービーモンスターシリーズ 劇場限定ゴジラ2005
[Mubi Monsuta Shirizu Gekijo Gentei Gojira 2005]




22 centimeters
33 centimeters


Godzilla: Final Wars



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

It’s only been fairly recently I started going after Bandai Theater Exclusive variants of figures I already own. It started off pretty simple with the 2002 Frozen Godzilla. As I acquired more of the figures I wanted, I put the 2004 “Frozen” Godzilla and Black Kiryu on my checklist as well. For such an old figure (12 years), it really doesn’t cost much. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen the standard GFW Godzilla go for even more than what I paid for this one, which was just around the $35-$40 range. Is it worth it…?


Back View
Back View

A basic “repaint” of the standard eight inch scale 2004 Godzilla, this shares the same exact sculpt. Towering in at a height of eight and a half inches, this monster looks cool on the shelf thanks to its unique colors. It scales very well with other Bandai eight inch scale monsters such as the Kiryus and other Final Wars and GMK kaiju.

The figure is sculpted out of soft vinyl and can be easily squished compared to other, older figures made of harder material.


Godzilla’s head, arms, legs and tail are all on swivel joints and can rotate fully around. Additionally, the mid-section of the tail can also rotate.


Just your basic Bandai tag attached to the back of its neck. Unlike the tag on the basic release, this tag is blue and white without any other colors. It also does not fold open like your basic Movie Monster Series tags of old.



Godzilla has a pretty simple, if not effective, paint scheme here. The entire figure is sculpted in a translucent teal with white sprayed over the spines, claws, and parts of the arms and legs. The eyes and teeth are all painted properly and cleanly with no splotching present. This gives Godzilla a frozen appearance, as if he’s been trapped in ice for decades.

When held up against the light, the eyes and teeth of Godzilla look pretty creepy against the translucent vinyl of the head, at that point making Godzilla seem like a ghost.


I like it. A very simple figure with a neat gimmick of translucent vinyl. For something released over a decade ago, and considering its larger size compared to most other Bandai vinyl, this guy goes for a pretty low price these days. I have never been a big fan of this design, but I must say I love this figure for its effectiveness and uniqueness on the shelf. What little paint there is really helps bring the frozen look together.

**Below are several bonus images, including some size comparison and translucent shots.**

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