Toy: Godzilla 2004 (Playmates Toys)


Godzilla 2004

English Toy Title

Classic Playmates Toys: Godzilla Final Wars 2004




Playmates Toys
15 centimeters


Godzilla: Final Wars



By: Barron Christopher (submission)

First off I want to extend a huge “Thank You!” to Toho Kingdom and Playmates for providing me with several figures to review. I love being able to do this and am excited to share my thoughts on Playmates new Godzilla toy line! Here we go!


Unlike Playmates previous releases which were made out of hard plastic, this Godzilla is made out of hard vinyl which looks and feels great. The figure stands at 6.5in tall and is sculpted in an attack position rather than a neutral stance. Godzilla’s tail comes in 2 separate parts which easily attach together.

The body of Godzilla 2004 is really well sculpted. It looks just like how he does in the movie, except for a gap in the back between the upper and lower half spikes. I’m not sure of the reason for it. The head of the figure though is where I have some question as it just looks off. I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but when compared to the rest of the figure there’s something that just looks different about it.

Scaling wise, the figure goes great with the other Classics figures, especially the Gigan 2004 figure.


Godzilla’s head, arms and legs can all rotate as well as the end and mid sections of the tail.


No accessories.


The paint on Godzilla is about the same as their large scale 12in Godzilla 2004 figure. The claws and teeth are painted white. The eyes are orange with black pupils. The body is a dark grey with bluish grey spikes on his back. Overall, the paint looks great on the figure. I like that it doesn’t have the glossy look compared to some of the other figures.


Honestly I really like this figure. The only issues I have really are the gap in the back between the upper half and lower half on the spikes and I think the head/eyes could be a little better, but other than that I like it. It goes great with the 2004 Gigan that they recently released and hopefully Playmates decides to do other monsters from “Godzilla: Final Wars”. Kids are going to love this and it’s a great figure to pick up if you are a fan for $12.95. Look forward to seeing what Playmates has in store next for the Classics Line!

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Rating: Star Rating

Joshua Reynolds

Just a few short months after the release of the first four, Playmates released another Godzilla for their classics line. Seemingly replacing their Shin Godzilla (based off of the packaging on the back of the box), their next choice was oddly Godzilla 2004 from Final Wars… Well… Here we go. Again.


Standing at a solid six and a half inches, Godzilla is sculpted entirely of a hard vinyl or plastic with a softer material used for the head. The figure actually sports a lot more detailed compared to the previous releases, easily making this the best of the bunch and, hopefully, a good sign as to what’s to come. The head is very misshapen, however, appearing as if its been crushed in a press and then left to reform itself.


He’s got your typical figure articulation, including arms, legs, head and the tail can rotate at the mid-section. Playmates got rid of the pointless ankle articulation found on their former releases.




Well, he’s sculpted entirely in a dark grey. The figure has a lighter shade of grey applied to the spines, which blends in pretty nicely. The claws and teeth are cleanly painted. Thankfully, the teeth are not just a solid stripe and are actually sculpted inside the jaws. The eyes really drag this figure down with both being painted a bright orange with tiny pupils. On their own, they look okay. But when looking directly at it, it seems as if the eyes are placed too high up on the face. Finally, the tongue is painted a pink color.


Well, it is a step in the right direction and a lot better than their previous figures. It’s still only $12, so it’s a rather cheap looking toy for a cheap price. However, I still can’t recommend it over the Bandai MMS and Bandai Creation releases for the same incarnation. The face is just extremely awkward at any angle. But, for $12… And if your kid wants one, can’t go wrong.

**Below are several bonus images of the figure.**