Toy: Godzilla 1995 Ultimate Burning Version: S.H. MonsterArts (Bandai)



Godzilla 1995 Ultimate Burning Version: S.H. MonsterArts

Japanese Toy Title

S.H.MonsterArts ゴジラ(1995) Ultimate Burning Ver.
[S.H. MonsterArts Gojira (1995) Ultimate Burning Ver.]


Extra pair of hands, 4 smoke effect parts


Bandai / Tamashii Nations
16 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Ultimate Burning Godzilla is an update (not a repaint per se) of the Burning Godzilla 1995 figure from 2012. Just how much of an update is it? Read on!


Chest View
Chest View

Wow this figure pops! The skin (or scales) has been been coated with a gloss which gives it a wet look that Godzilla had in the film. The figure seems a little sturdier this time around and the S.H. MonsterArts line seemed to have a "we’re figuring this out as we go" in the early days when the original figure was released and with this release, it seems like they’re having fun and it’s great to see.

The translucent orange parts of the mold/backplates are a real highlight here and I’m glad that the design has changed in this area over the original. It makes it so it’s not a DIRECT repaint. Godzilla’s skin is a VERY dark green here (almost black) and it looks awesome!


Tail Articulation
Tail Articulation

It’s the same mold as the original release but I’m not having the issues I had with this new release. No slack jaw and the arms seem to be tighter on the joints so the gap in the arms isn’t an issue. The tail is tighter as well and can hold a pose. The articulation in the tail covers most of the length like the original release.

Godzilla’s head can move up and down and side to side and the hands and feet can do the usual 360 degree rotation. The legs can rotate 360 degrees and they can move apart a little. The arms can rotate 360 degrees and so can the forearms. There are also “floating pieces” in the legs (really just parts of the leg) to help in the movement of the legs and help move them back and forth.


Smoke Effect Parts
Smoke Effect Parts

For accessories...well, it kinda takes a bit of a dip here becaose of the smoke effect parts and to be honest, they’re a huge pain in the ass to apply. As you can see in the diagram, two effects parts can be placed on while the other two require some work.

Effect part A is the most difficult since you have to really work the arm socket to get it in there. The clip on the part felt like it was going to break off. Effect part B was a little easier but after working on both of these parts for 20 minutes and then placing parts C and D on the figure, it was a little underwhelming. I get what they were going for but the catch wasn’t worth the chase here. The replacement hands are cool and they’re easy to pop on and off. They look cooler than the ones that come on the figure out of the package because it adds to the ferocity of it all.


Face View
Face View

The paint is a little mixed here with the claws on Godzilla’s left side being darker than the right side. It’s not a deal breaker, it’s just annoying. On Godzilla’s innermost toenail on the left side, there’s more black paint on it thus making it look smaller than it normally should. I do wish more care had gone into the paint application here as well. That being said, the claws are a cool looking dirty white/yellow color and it looks great on the figure.

One of my favorite parts of the figure are the orange backplates. They really help the figure pop and it really adds to the coolness factor of the the design. The eyes are, once again, stickers and they didn’t do the greatest job here as they’re a little lopsided which results in a cross-eyed effect. I kinda hoped that in 2017, there would have this figured out because this was an issue in 2013. The teeth look better this time around with the dirty yellow paint application covering the teeth with minimal mistakes of run over of the red paint for the inside of the mouth. The top of the mouth is a mix of red and black and the application is spot on here with no mistakes.


A great update to my favorite figure in the line, Ultimate Burning Godzilla one of the best I’ve seen for S.H. MonsterArts. I’m not a fan of the smoke effects, but at least something new was attempted to make this figure different. My issues with paint aside, this is an awesome figure so if you missed it the first time around, are a collector, or even someone with a selective interest in the line, I reccomend picking it up! Plus, with all this orange and black (or VERY dark green), it’ll make a great Halloween decoration!

**Below are a number of bonus images, including several close-up shots of the spines and one of the extra hand accessories.**

Rating: Star Rating