Toy: Godzilla 1989 Heat Ray Radiation Color Ver. (Banpresto)


Godzilla 1989 Heat Ray Radiation Color Ver.

Japanese Toy Title

B賞:ゴジラ(1989)フィギュア 熱線放射カラーver.
[B Sho: Gojira (1989) Figyua Nessen Hosha Kara Ver.]




20 centimeters
30 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Biollante



By: Josh Reynolds (submission)

As many know, Godzilla 1989 just so happens to be my favorite design for the King of the Monsters. I just love everything about it, so I’m usually quick to decide if I want a certain figure of the monster or not. While there have been many releases in the past that I have been tempted on and said no to (namely X-Plus releases), this was one I balanced on for sometime. I had a chance to get one and ended up buying a cheaper SH Monster Arts Godzilla ’89 instead. Then, just a month or so later, another one of these popped up. With some cash to spare and it being the color scheme I wanted, I decided to take the bait and picked it up.

Head View
Head View

Now, for those that don’t know, this is a special Yuji Sakai sculpted figure released exclusively via lottery. You had to enter to win the chance to buy one of these guys. I’m not too familiar with the exact details. I do know there were three different variants – A regular release with generic colors, a monotone scheme and then this one to represent the beast charging up his atomic ray.

Staff Note: The regular release is "A Prize: Godzilla (1989) Figure", the monotone release "C Prize: Godzilla (1989) Figure Monochrome Color Ver.", and this one is referred to in full as "B Prize: Godzilla (1989) Figure Heat Ray Radiation Color Ver."


Godzilla stands at 8 inches and is sculpted entirely of hard vinyl. While the vinyl is harder than those of typical releases, it is noticeably softer than X-Plus. The sculpt detail is simply outstanding, something to be expected with the Sakai seal of approval on it. The mouth, eyes and spines are my personal favorite aspects. This is a perfect representation of the 1989 incarnation.


This is virtually a statue… so there’s none.





The colors on Godzilla here are simply outstanding. The black vinyl has a slight glisten to it, making the beast appear as if he’s fresh out of the water. The claws are a shade of tan with darkened bases instead of one flat color. The spines have a slight transparent look to them with a paint scheme to replicate the color of him charging his ray. Not only are the spines blue, but there’s also blue placed on the back and around the bases of the spines, giving it a true illusion of glowing. The mouth looks organic with no paint splotches to be found despite the tiny details of the teeth. The eyes are perfectly painted and on spot, something many other manufacturers should take lessons on. Really, the paint is flawless…

Well, almost.

I do not know if it is just my release or something on all of them, but there is a strange “splotch” of light gray on the base of the head.


It has no articulation, but amazing detail. It looks spectacular on the shelf and great next to the Banpresto Shin Godzilla. Unfortunetly, there’s not too many figures it scales well with. Maybe Banpresto will give us some more kaiju releases… Can only imagine what a Biollante would be like.

**Below are several bonus images, including some close-up and size comparison shots.**

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