Toy: Godzilla 1989: DefoReal Series (X-Plus)



Godzilla 1989: DefoReal Series

Japanese Toy Title

ゴジラ (1989) | デフォリアル
[Gojira (1989) | Deforiaru]




Vinyl Statue
13 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Biollante



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Godzilla 1989, one of the most popular designs of the character, has entered the Deforeal line and what an entrance!

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Godzilla has a real menacing look with this design. I love how the brows slant downward giving him such an evil look. The scales are expertly sculpted with every groove masterly done. The head is the standout of the statue with the expression being the most eye catching. Godzilla has a bit of a slight snarl going on each side of the mouth, revealing an extra tooth (if it was part of the actual Godzilla 1989 suit design, I’ve forgotten). Two rows of teeth are present, which is pretty cool as it’s accurate to the suit. Because of the closed mouth, it would have been easy to just have one row, but X-Plus went for accuracy which is pretty awesome. The rest of the sculpt has the “suit grooves” in the chest and lower abdomen. What’s also interesting is that this is a “statue in motion” and what I mean by that is that Godzilla’s right foot is in mid-step as if he’s walking. To further illustrate this, the tail and the backplates are shifted to the left which is a great detail to add.


Godzilla has an all over white paint wash over him as a way to add detail to the sculpt. The eyes, however, aren’t painted, they’re decals but they look pretty cool and are the focal point of the face. The teeth and claws have the same dirty white paint job with no blemishes. Even the gums have no problems. The backplates themselves are of a grayish white paint with green for the center detail portions and those are covered by the white wash that was used on the body. It looks great here. The paint isn’t 100% perfect, though. The smaller outer plates aren’t painted as well as the inner. The paint for those have small missing sections of paint (especially where the body meets the tail). They’re painted but not fully, which bugs me a little but they’re not really noticeable. Finally, the dark green/black paint on the toenails is done really well for the most part. The raised toenail on the left foot has a blotch of black paint on the end of the toenail. It stands out a little and it’s one of those things that when you notice it, it might bug you. I do want to stress that like most releases with hand paint, these applications are not universal.


Godzilla 1989 is a great release (and VERY photogenic!) and is something that when you take him out of the box, he’s never going back in. If you work in an office, chances are, he’s gonna be on your desk. If you’re a collector, most likely he’ll be a focal point of your collection (or one of many depending on the collection). Highly recommended!

**Below are a number of bonus images of the figure.**

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