Godzilla 1968 Fusion
Version Source
 Destroy All Monsters
Company: Bandai Creation
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: Yes
Release: 2012 Height: 15 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

Bandai's Fusion line for the Godzilla series combined glitter, wild colors and translucent molds to create rather interesting versions of the monsters. The coolest one though, at least to me, is Godzilla 1968. Why? Read on.

Front View

To start off, Godzilla 1968 Fusion, which is based on the Godzilla suit from Destroy All Monsters (1968) through Godzilla vs. Gigan (1972), is slightly smaller than the previous mold of the "normal" Godzilla 1968. I have no idea why but I figure it must be because this figure is from the Fusion line and all sorts of creative liberties were taken. It's a nice mold with soft vinyl, much softer than the original release of the 1968 toy by Bandai Creation, that is easily bendable. The back of the figure has the most thickness to the mold starting from the neck and gradually gets thicker as it moves down to the tail.

The articulation here is pretty basic. The legs can rotate 360 degrees and the arms move around until they're blocked by the mold of the body. What's nice about this bit of articulation is that the arms move up and down and not side to side like Millennium Godzilla from Bandai Creation which makes the figure look more ferocious in a way.

Side View

The paint on Fusion Godzilla 1968 is really well done save for the eyes. The pupils are a little misshapen with one being bigger than the other. It's not something you notice right away and it's easily forgivable. The rest of the figure is quite nice with the black mixed in with the grey on the backplates and along down the back. The gums are a nice pink color mixed in with the white teeth. It works well for the figure. The white bursts on the knees look pretty cool and they bring out the legs. The claws are colored the same color as well. As with other figures in the fusion line, Godzilla 1968, is covered in glitter and it's liberally spread over the figure. It looks pretty cool.

Overall, I've always been a fan of variations of characters and this figure I think is my favorite in the Fusion line. It's a sturdy, well made figure and it looks really cool when held up to the light. Sort of like a Gummi Godzilla. Highly recommended.

Rating: Star Rating