Toy: Godzilla 1962: Retro Kaiju Series (Y-MSF)


Godzilla 1962: Retro Kaiju Series

Japanese Toy Title

Y・MSFvs懐古堂 ゴジラ1962 レトロ怪獣シリーズ
[Y-MSF vs. Kaiko-do Gojira 1962 Retoro Kaiju Shirizu]




15 centimeters
25 centimeters


King Kong vs. Godzilla



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Y-MSF is a company I’m quickly starting to like more and more. Not only do they offer figures for the more obscure kaiju, they often do different paint schemes as well. I’m not one to get more than one of the same sculpt unless I REALLY like the alternate colors… and here is why I now own two Y-MSF Godzilla ‘62s. While the first I got was a translucent black with golden glitter, this one sports a more outlandish color. I’m not too familiar with the exact line this figure falls under, but I have deduced it was released sometime in 2012.


Side View
Side View

Standing at six inches, Godzilla scales well with most figures. He’s molded entirely in yellow vinyl with the arms, legs, tail and center row of spines all being separately molded. The detail is pretty stellar and easily comparable with the best of Bandai’s. The face is suitably frog-like and body covered in the character’s traditional bark-like hide. The figure is sculpted in a pretty cool pose as well, with its arms reaching inward as if welcoming a fighting.

It should be noted that the center row of spines, while molded separately from the main body, are seemingly glued into place so removing it is not recommended.


Being a vinyl figure, Godzilla sports very typical articulation. Its arms, legs and tail can all rotate. However, with the general position of the arms and legs, getting much out of this articulation is impossible without looking really silly. This is especially true with the arms where the articulation is at the elbow opposed to the traditional shoulder found in other figures of this kind.




Spines Close Up
Spines Close Up

And here’s the reason why I got this. I just love these colors. With the vinyl molded in yellow, the monster is given a nice green over most of its body, bright metallic silver on its spines, back and claws and then a shade of red-orange on its chest and stomach. But there are also fine details as well, with the eyes nicely painted silver with black pupils with no paint slop. The mouth is cleanly painted red with the beast’s teeth silver and, again, no paint slop. There is a strange mixture of that red-orange and silver seemingly mixed and applied to the right side of its chest.


If you have another six inch Godzilla 1962, is there a need to get the Y-MSF? Not really. The pose its in makes the articulation pretty useless, but the sculpt is pretty good. What makes this figure worthwhile is the paint and only if you’re into that type of thing. Its not film accurate by a long shot, but damn does it look nice on the shelf.

**Below are several bonus images, including some underside and size comparison shots.**

Rating: Star Rating