Toy: Godzilla 1962 (Gigabrain)


Godzilla 1962

Japanese Toy Title

ギガブレイン キンゴジ
[Gigaburein Kingoji]




22 centimeters


King Kong vs. Godzilla



By: Josh Reynolds (submission)

Ah, here we are. 2019. Been a busy year for 2018, got a lot of new merchandise. Realized I haven’t done a review in sometime… so here we are. I had been wanting a Gigabrain Godzilla ’62 for sometime, but there was a bit of a problem: all the paint schemes I liked had become WAY too pricey for me. Then came the Wonderfest 2018 Godzilla. As soon as I saw the color scheme, I knew I wanted it. And it was rather affordable compared to all the other ones I saw.

So was it worth it…?


Back View
Back View

Standing at just a hair short of nine inches, Godzilla ’62 is a pretty large hunk of vinyl. Its sculpted entirely in hard blue vinyl. It has a stylized look to it, not unlike that of most Marmit releases, but not as overly apparent. With a typical color scheme and softer material, this guy could actually pass for an old school Bandai.

So how does it scale? Well, as I said, Godzilla is a pretty big guy. He dwarfs most Bandai releases, but looks very well when put alongside other Gigabrains (including their majestic King Ghidorah) and other stylized figures. One really doesn’t go for these things to make movie accurate displays.


Being a typical vinyl figure, Godzilla sports no extravagant articulation. Only his arms, legs, and tail are capable of rotating.


Well… he came in a bag…


Side View
Side View

This is where it gets good. I just love the color scheme on this guy. He’s sculpted in a nice shade of blue with black paint applied across the body. Silver paint has been applied to his spines, knees and chest. All together, these three simple colors come together very nicely to make the figure pop on any shelf. It might be the older fan in me, but the silver chest also makes me think back to the old school Imperial Godzilla figures. Finally, what would normally be the whites of his eyes are painted a dull gold, as are his teeth.

Staff Note: Numerous repaints of the Gigabrain 1962 Godzilla mold exist. The one featured in this review was of the Super Festival 78 KingGoji Blue Godzilla version from 2015.


Well, this is it. My first ever vintage kaiju toy. For a measly $50 and given its age, I’d say its worth it. The sculpt is just so ugly that I love it. Funny enough, Baragon seems to be one of those kaiju I have the most different type of sculpts for. Will I ever get any other vintage toys? Who knows, I do like the Bullmark Megalon and MechaGodzilla sculpts. And I admit, I’d like to get a Popy Godzilla to set alongside this guy. I guess time will tell.

**Below are several bonus images, including some close-up and size comparison shots.**

Rating: Star Rating