Godzilla Millennium
Version Source
 Godzilla 2000: Millennium
Company: Bandai Creation
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2007 Height: 15 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

I was originally going to wait a little bit before reviewing this figure, but then I made a rather awesome discovery. Okay, maybe "awesome" is the wrong term, but interesting it is. Released as part of the last line of toys by Bandai Creation in 2007, this version of Godzilla 2000 (named Godzilla Millennium) differs greatly from the Japanese release and could easily take home the award for best six inch figure from Bandai Creation's series. Now you're probably asking why did I say this release is interesting... Well, wait for it...

Stance Contrast

The pose is based off of the same pose Godzilla 2000 has on the cover Godzilla: Unleashed. This may be the first time a Bandai figure has been posed after a specific way found in any media (ignoring the statue things and several SD lines). Yes, some things are different like Godzilla appearing to be more upright and the tail not curved to the side as much, but the pose is definitely there. Just look how the end of the tail is curved, the legs, how he's slouched forward, and even the hand positions. Thank goodness the pose kicks a lot of you know what.

Well, moving on, this Godzilla 2000 stands at six inches and has moveable arms and legs. Surprising the tail can't move. He's made of vinyl, just like the rest of the line, and is finely painted a dark black. Wait, black?

Back View

I admit this is growing old for all these Godzilla 2000 figures since the monster king was originally dark green in Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999), not black. Fortunately, just like its Japanese release, it does look pretty good. The spines are very nicely done and painted separately opposed to just a purple spray being taken to them. Even the smaller spines running down the tail have been painted and it simply looks outstanding. The teeth are white, the tongue is red, and the claws are also painted. The eyes are especially done nicely with the pupils having a white spot in the center as if they're reflecting light.

Mold wise, the sculpt is covered with awesome texture and detailing. The spines are really good here with the black parts being rougher compared to the smoother purple parts. The only real complaint I can make about the mold is the tail seems a tad bit short, even curved the way it is. The position of the right thumb toe looks a bit wonky as well, but by no means is it an eyesore.

In the end, the Bandai Creation G2K is one hell of a cool figure. Based on the pose on the Godzilla: Unleashed box art and sporting an awesome, if not wrong, paint job and amazing detailing, this is a figure one shouldn't miss out on, even if you already have the Japanese release. He scales in well with the other figures and seeing him and Orga head to head looks cool as well. Highly recommended.

As a side note, this figure was reissued in 2012 as part of Bandai Creation "fusion" line.

Rating: Star Rating