Godzilla (Birth Version): SH MonsterArts
Version Source
 Godzilla vs. Destoroyah
Company: Bandai / Tamashi Nations
Extras: Two extra hands and an orange atomic ray effects accessory
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 16 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir & Andrew Nguye

That time again! Another tag team review by myself, Chris Mirjahangir, and Andrew Nguyen for this S.H. MonsterArts figure. The toy review is broken into two parts, each a reflection by that particular reviewer.

Andrew Nguyen
At the end of Godzilla vs. Destoroyah (1995), it seemed that humanity had scored a pyrrhic victory. Although the world was safe, Tokyo was in ruins and highly radioactive due to Godzilla's meltdown and death. However, in the movie's final few minutes, the corpse of Godzilla Junior would absorb the large amounts of radiation, reviving him while increasing his height to that of Godzilla. When the smoke cleared, Godzilla Junior had become the new Godzilla. Tamashii Nations, calling this form "Birth Version", released a figure on it to the public in late August 2014.

Front View with Accessories

For this release in the S.H. MonsterArts line, Tamashii Nations went with an exact copy of the design they used for the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (1995). As a result, most of the features that are present on Godzilla 1995 are on this Godzilla figure as well. In fact, it's exactly the same besides the accessories that it includes and the paint job. To differentiate this version from the previous Godzilla releases in the line, this figure is at times referred to as Godzilla 1995 "Birth Version".

As with most figures, Yuji Sakai is the designer of this Godzilla toy. The level of care placed in this element is also commendable. The texture and detail on the skin as well as the dorsal fins are as always excellent and the design of the face for Godzilla does help in making him look very fierce. This is a step up in comparison to some small nitpicks in terms of the face on original S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla.

Side View with Beam

For accessories, the figure has the atomic ray effects pack that the 2011 release by S.H. MonsterArts had. However, this times it's in an orange color, so can double up as the beam for Burning Godzilla too. It also comes with an extra pair hands like what the 1995 Burning Godzilla had.

Those that are familiar with the articulation for the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (1995) will encounter the same articulation for this particular figure. The toy is made with different material, though, so some of the performance varies. While a few sections may be somewhat loose, particularly around the waist, overall it is a stable figure. In summary, the articulation is impressive although at times a little bit much and adjustments will be needed to cover as much of the inevitable gaps in the figure as possible.

Side View

For the paint job, the color scheme looks a little different compared with the past Godzilla: S.H. MonsterArts [1994]. This should be no surprise due to Godzilla Junior having different coloring than Godzilla anyway. Overall, the coloring on the skin for this Godzilla figure is a lighter mix of green and grey than Godzilla's darker charcoal grey. In comparison to the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla Jr, the color of this Godzilla figure is a darker tone which makes for a nice transition into adulthood.

The dorsal fins are also more matched with the skin tones as opposed to the mix of white and blue seen on the 1994 figure. This is probably a better since the white/blue looks only occurs when Godzilla's fins light up before he uses his atomic breath. The claws are also a slightly more earthy shade. This is a nice improvement as the 2011 one had chalk white, which seemed less natural to the suit look.

Given that there are a number of Godzillas for the Heisei series, I'm sure some want to see them compared. Say no more, below are a series of pictures comparing all three that have been released in the line to date.

Box View

For those that missed purchasing the original S.H. MonsterArts Heisei Godzilla when he first came out, here is a second chance. This is the only figure of Heisei Godzilla in the line still available for purchase. Otherwise, particularly if one already has the original Godzilla that Tamashii Nations released in 2011, perhaps it is best to skip out on this release. As with nearly all S.H. MonsterArts figures of Toho kaiju, this figure is pricey although it is somewhat cheap in comparison to other recently released previous figures. If one can afford it, it is still an exceptionally good figure although one that caters to fans of the Heisei Godzilla series. The fact that you have to explain so much which Godzilla this is, the one seen in the last few seconds of the 1995 film, will likely be a turn off for a few too.

Compared to Reissue

As a side note, this is the second of three Godzilla figures that has appeared in the S.H. MonsterArts line this year alone. The others include the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 figure and the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2014 figure. Hopefully the company tones down the releases around the central character in the line in the future.

Update: Recently Tamashii Nations did a re-release of the S.H. MonsterArts Birth Godzilla. The figure now has a darker skin tone and in some cases, tighter joints. Otherwise, it is almost exactly the same figure with the same accessories. It is mainly for those that could not get the figure the first time around when Tamashii Nations released it or those that skipped out on getting this version of the Heisei Godzilla due to the coloring of the figure at the time.

Rating: Star Rating

Chris Mirjahangir
My turn: Godzilla returns to the S.H. MonsterArts line in the form of Godzilla Jr. in adult form or "Rebirth Godzilla". He looks largely the same as Burning Godzilla design wise aside from the paint and is seemingly made of the same softer material that the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla 2000 was made of. I'm a big fan of this figure!

Front View

On the surface, Rebirth Godzilla (called "Adult Jr." in this review since it is the adult version of Godzilla Junior) is not only a repaint of Godzilla 1995, but also a retooling for better articulation. The material used it of a softer material however so the figure can pop off in the mid section while you're handling it. This isn't a big deal since you can easily just pop it back into place. The mold does have some darker sections than others with the upper arms being darker in color than the forearms for instance. This doesn't detract from the figure and is only really noticeable up close.

Adult Jr. has all the articulation points of the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla (1995) but with the new material for the sculpt, it's easier to move around. There still are gaps revealed as you move the figure and there are ways around it by adjusting the figure so that they're not visible. Adult Jr's head can move side to side slightly and move up and down while the arms can move outward and bend at the elbow. The arms can slightly move back and forth while the hands can swivel a full 306 degrees. The tail is nicely articulated but has the same big section where it's not articulated at the end of the tail.

Tail View

One nice thing is that this figure was slightly retooled so while the articulation is smoother, it also fixed problems such as the slack jaw problem that plagued the Burning Godzilla figure. Adult Jr's legs can also be widened easily for that dramatic stance, The feet can turn 360 degrees and the legs can move back and forth but not very much. Like Burning Godzilla, the legs contain a floating section for better articulation.

For accessories, Adult Jr. comes with a really cool beam effect. The beam itself is a translucent orange which looks really cool in the right light. What I especially like is the stand being an effect itself. I know that this is an effect that has been done with other figures but hey, it's new to me! It really adds to the overall look when posing the figure with the effect. Also included are extra hands for a more ferocious look. I did attempt to put them on but since the ones that are already on seem to be firmly in place, I felt like I might have damaged the figure if I had tried any harder. You're going to need more careful hands than mine for sure!

Beam View

The paint on Adult Jr. is really will done for the most part. The backplates are a nice dull grey color with the black at the center of the backplate. It looks great and it fades into the grey really well. The toes and claws look great with the mix of dark yellow and green paint and they have a nice fade effect. The tongue is a mix of dark red and black and it looks really good.

The eyes are, I think, stickers (as was done with S.H. MonsterArts Little Godzilla). This doesn't detract at all and actually looks quite nice. The mouth looks pretty good but has some red mixed in with the white of the teeth. You'd have to REALLY look at it to notice it though.

Now, because this is a rather impressive looking figure, it's time for a few more images to capture it.

Overall, Adult Jr. is one of my favorite in this line. It's beautiful to look at and is a must own for any Godzilla fan or fan of the S.H. MonsterArts line. Like most figures in the line, I expect this one to sell out quick so get it as soon as you can!

Rating: Star Rating