Version Source
 Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah
Company: Bandai
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1991 Height: 38 centimeters
Steve Johnson

1991 was a decent year for kaiju toys from Bandai, as they would release 7 toys in the standard 8 inch line, but their biggest release was no doubt the Large Scale Godzilla commemorating the debut of Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah. Standing nearly 15 inches tall and reaching 19 inches from toenail to tail-tip, this is quite a large toy. In fact, its size adds to its rarity in the American market, as these larger size toys can be incredibly expensive to ship from Japan. It was also not produced in as many numbers as the standard sized Bandais, as most Japanese houses are smaller than those in America, and there was not as big of a market for these large toys. Bandai only produced a few "large scales" for their Godzilla series. This one, as stated, was released in 1991, and also re-issued in 1996. How does he fare? Read on.

Head Shot

Being such a thick toy, Godzilla only sports limited articulation in his neck, arms, and legs. I imagine posablity and play value were not selling points for this big guy, but he is quite impressive to view. The fins on the back are nicely individually sculpted and painted a bright silver, as are Godzilla's claws. The paint detail is good, as it should be on such a large toy, with Godzilla's teeth and tongue all painted. The "Large Scale" Godzilla's mouth is opened, contrasting the standard size Godzilla released in 1991, commonly called the "Closed Mouth Godzilla" amongst collectors due to the small number of Godzilla figures produced with closed mouthes.

Figure and Box

Also interestingly to note is that instead of a tag, Bandai shipped each Large Scale Godzilla in a cardboard box, with a large portrait of the 1984 Godzilla's head on one side, and Godzilla 1991 on the remaining sides. Also you will find several small "logos" for Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah on the original's box that would be absent from the re-issues. It can be difficult to tell the toys apart if you cannot see the date stamped on their feet. The best advice I can give you is that the original is SLIGHTLY taller, made with much thicker vinyl, and has slightly more curve to the tail than the re-issue. Also, an one slight complaint against the figure, the original sees the neck of the figure not line up perfectly with the "shoulders", and a small gap is noticable where the pieces connect, something I've heard was corrected for the re-issue.

Don't expect to ever find one, but there is also a variation of this toy that was painted gold. It was produced in incredibly small numbers, perhaps less than 30, as a gift for various Toho employees, not to be confused with the earlier release of the Bronze Great Monster Godzilla 1964.

Side View

The only scale this figure is concerned with are the thousands of scales sculpted into Godzilla's detailed vinyl skin. In other words, don't expect him to match up with any other figures in your collection. He dwarfs the standard sized Godzilla from the same year, and does the same to both Ghidorah figures released alongside them. However, Godzilla fans might recall that the original plan for Godzilla's 1991 outing was a rematch against King Kong. You can set this up in your own home using the Deluxe King Kong released by Mezco Toyz in conjunction with the 2005 Peter Jackson Kong film, which was a nice toy in its own right.

Despite the lack of playability, the uninspired pose and lack of scale with other figures, and the small gripe of the neck connection issue, I give the Large Scale Godzilla a 4.5 out of 5, as there are few Godzilla figures made that can match the display power this one boasts. He's an instant attention grabber for any collection. Though I have rarely seen him on eBay or among the inventory of online Godzilla dealers, they do pop up from time to time and could be added to your collection for under $200 if you're lucky. So, by all means, track this big guy down, scare your pets, attempt to justify the purchase price to your significant other...its worth it.

Rating: Star Rating