Toy: Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition (Mondo)


Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition

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Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue - Limited Edition (Mondo)


Swappable lower jaws x2, swappable left arms x2 (x1 with Biollante spike), severed Biollante tendril piece, heat ray piece


Vinyl Statue
46 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Biollante



By: Noah Percival

Mondo has really made a name for themselves over the past couple of years as a big player in the world of pop culture collectables largely thanks to the incredible art they produce for the properties they license. For example I myself purchased Mondo's replica Nostromo crew patches and pins from the original Alien film and I also received their exclusive Godzilla poster they produced for a 2014 SXSW screening of Gojira (1954) in Austin Texas hosted by director Gareth Edwards. Now they have launched a full scale assault on Godzilla fan's wallets with many new products beyond posters! The centerpiece of their new collection has to be their new Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue! A massive new sculpture of one of the most beloved Godzilla designs ever made rendered in Vinyl, Polystone, and PVC! Mondo has awesomely sent in a review sample of their Limited Edition Godzilla 89 Premium Scale Statue and I want to begin this review with a heartfelt thank you to Mondo! How does their rendition of Godzilla from 1989's Godzilla vs. Biollante stack up? Read on to see!


Torso View
Torso View

First up we're going to look at the box. Mondo certainly knows how to create eye catching images and this box is another fine example of that depicting Godzilla holding his own against Biollante's tendrils. My favorite part of this box is how the title of Godzilla vs. Biollante is displayed on the box in the original Japanese characters rather than in English. I really liked this touch and it is repeated on the bottom of the stature base itself.

The statue is appropriately big and heavy. It stands 18'' tall, has a width of 15'', and weighs 12 and 1/2 lbs. I want to be sure to credit the artists who made this piece as well. Eric Siebenaler was the designer. Mark Newman and Hector Arce did the sculpting and Hector did the painting as well.

The detailing on the entire piece is terrific! The top of the base is sculpted to resemble a trampled metropolis for Godzilla to stand over. One of my favorite parts is the addition of the Super X II on the base in-between Godzilla's legs. The front end is "buried" in the ground so only the rear is sticking out and visible. I love this addition because it immediately sells this piece as a distinct Godzilla from a specific movie and not just some generic looking attempt to depict Godzilla. It's a small touch that might confuse non fans but that Godzilla fans will recognize and appreciate greatly! Lastly we also get a severed Biollante tendril! This piece comes detached and must be placed on the base manually. The detail on the tendril is fantastic and I love the sculpted mouth! I do find the placement of it on the base to be odd. It is placed at the back of the base and behind Godzilla effectively hiding it. Perhaps this was done to give a reason to view the statue from a new angle but I feel like it hides a highlight of this release.

Godzilla himself is lovingly sculpted here in fantastic detail! The texture and detail on the skin is great and I really appreciate how they captured the difference between the skin on Godzilla's chest and the rest of his body. Keeping true to this design Godzilla also has his multiple rows of teeth in both jaws as well. The fins are also faithfully recreated. I would like to point out that the fins feel soft and flexible. I expected them to be a bit harder but I appreciate how their flexibility helps to prevent them from snapping off or breaking somehow. There are some seams along Godzilla's back at the base of each 3 fin cluster. These seems are small but may be observed by the more visually attuned collector. This statue is also able to be posed with either an open or closed mouth. This effect is achieved via two separate lower jaw pieces. These parts can be swapped out thanks to a magnet in their bases that attach them to an additional magnet in the head. In theory this is a fantastic way to allow for no fuss swapping of parts, however as I was swapping mouth parts for the photo taking session of this review, the magnet on Godzilla's head came out of its base and was attached to the mouth piece. I've included photos of it in this review and you can also see that the grey paint that covered the outward facing half is also coming off. I imagine that it will be a simple matter of using super glue or model glue to reattach the magnet but I must say this did hamper my enjoyment of this piece a fair bit. I was very gentle with the piece as I am with all my collectables so it should not have come off during simple part swapping. Considering that this piece costs nearly $400 I really would have appreciated higher attention paid to quality control.




Mondo sent over the Limited Edition version of this piece and it comes with two additional swappable parts that are not included with the standard release. These parts are an additional lower jaw with Godzilla's atomic breath shooting out and an additional left arm with Godzilla's hand pieced through with a thorn from Biollante. The atomic breath piece is really beautiful with a pearlescent blue color applied! I wasn't able to include photos of the Limited Edition atomic breath mouth piece on the statue however because of the defective magnet. The additional arm is another great touch serving as another connection to the specific movie this piece is based on and shows that the people at Mondo really did their homework with this piece! The final touch for the Limited Edition is a numbering on the bottom of the base marking the individual number out of the limited run. I have number 218 out of the 300 made.


As far as color schemes go, this is one of the more conservative Godzilla designs, so while the paint may not appear eye catching at first glance it is no doubt a very great paint job. There's a gradient on the claws on Godzilla's hands and feet that transitions from near black to light bone grey very nicely. The fins have this same bone grey color that transitions out from the fin bases that share the same grey color as the skin. His teeth also have a hint of yellow to them to make them stand out from the red in his mouth. The eyes have a good mix of color to them being black, red, yellow, and orange, however they don't pop quite as much as I would like them too. I think adding a wash to give them a more glass like appearance as well as adding in some blood vessels would have added more life to the paint, however this is my only issue with the entire paintjob.


Closed Mouth
Closed Mouth

There is no doubt that Mondo has delivered an impressive piece here and there is a lot about it I really do love. It should be noted however that it does come with a hefty price tag of $375 for the Limited Edition and $350 for the standard piece. The defective magnet also makes it harder to justify the nearly $400 price tag. I will say that I do appreciate that the price difference between the standard and limited editions is only $15 and for an extra arm and atomic breath piece that price feels about right. Mondo is also a very popular brand name themselves, and if you're a collector who sees your purchases as financial investments, I have no doubt this is a piece that will only rise considerably in financial value in the years to come.

There is a great deal about this piece that I really do love, but it is a bit of a hard sell at $350 or $375. Additionally, the defective magnet hurt a very favorable initial impression. In the end, Mondo has entered the Godzilla collecting circle with a piece that is both very impressive but also indicative of areas that may be of concern for future Mondo releases. Addressing the quality control issues and perhaps a lower price point will ensure that future products will impress even more than this initial one does.

**Below are a number of bonus images of the statue.**

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