Godzilla [1954]
Version Source
Company: Banpresto
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2002 Height: 30 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Banpresto is a company that quickly became known for their large, highly detailed figures. In 2000, they released a gorgeous figure of the 2000 Godzilla based on the pose and design used in publicity material. Later on, in 2002, they returned to Godzilla's roots and released two figures of the first Godzilla from 1954. One would be colored black, the color Godzilla is almost always shown to be in colored movies, but the other would be brown.

Head Shot

Why brown? Well here's a fun fact: the original suit of 1954 was brown. Standing at a towering twelve inches and nearly fifteen inches long, this beastly figure sports no moveable parts. The appendages have all been glued tightly to the body. Well, all except the tail that is. The tail needs to be attached to the body by the owner. Unfortunately, when put on, the tail doesn't attach fully and leaves a crevice just below Godzilla's groin. This makes it look like… well I can't say it here, but you mature fans should get the idea of what it reminds one of.

Aside that one complaint, Godzilla '54 is a truly awesome figure. Starting with the head, it's a flawless representation of the famous titan of terror. The eye placement does look sort of goofy when ones looks at it from the front, but it's nothing major. The mouth is properly painted with white teeth and a red tongue. The shoulders and arms of Godzilla are just the right size. At first glance, the arms may seem short, but remember folks, this is Godzilla '54. He didn't have larger arms like later incarnations.

Side View

The chest and stomach is nicely done with texture and detail and looks much like that of the suit. Moving down a bit more, the legs of Godzilla are also properly done. Once again, at first look, it appears that the monster's claws haven't been painted, but they have been. They're a bronze-like color, as are the finger claws that blend in flawlessly with the overall paint job of the figure's base color.

The back is covered in ridged spines, just like the famous monster. They're painted white and textured with just the right amount of flesh to the sides of the spines. Just like in 1954, the spines aren't made the same in design, an attribute that would be lost later on in the Godzilla series. The tail retains the same amount of detail as the spines shrink and turn into ridges that end at the tip of the creature's tail.

Overall, Banpresto is an awesome company. While still a sub division of Bandai, the company has handled several figures very nicely. Godzilla '54 is only one of their great figures. I'm sorry to say that I've only ever managed to get this figure and the 2000 Godzilla, but anybody who runs into in this figure is highly advised to pick it up.

Rating: Star Rating