Toy: Godzilla (Trendmasters)



English Toy Title

(Normal) Godzilla King of the Monsters: Collectible Figures Godzilla / (Supercharged) Godzilla King of the Monsters: Collectible Figures Supercharged Godzilla / (Special Color) Godzilla Wars 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Godzilla


Trading Card/Trading Card/None


7 centimeters/7 centimeters/7 centimeters


N/A / Godzilla vs. King Ghidorah / N/A



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Ah, here he is. The figure I have probably had more of than any other in my entire collection history. This little guy, namely the basic green version, was extremely common back in the day. It was featured in versus packs, 40th anniversary packs, gimmick play sets… You name it, Trendmasters usually included it. Now the secondary version, dubbed Supercharged Godzilla, was a bit more unique but still fairly common due to the versus packs. And the third, a special color scheme found in one of the three 40th anniversary sets, is actually the rarer of the bunch.

For the sake of ease, I’ll be covering all three here.


The sculpt of this little Godzilla toy is pretty simple. He’s made of a hard material with the body properly detailed to replicate the Heisei look. He has three rows of spines that could be a bit more detailed in shape. The arms are strangely posed with one arm hanging low and the other high. The tail seems to be a hard rubber and is bendable. While its not exceptionally bendable like the actual rubber toy series, it has plenty of give and will return to its normal shape once let go. The arms and feet seem to be made of this same material, strangely.




Well, there’s a variety of trading cards you can get with this guy. It all depends on how you acquire him, at least for the basic and Supercharged versions. What is interesting about the cards is that the Supercharged one gives the same 100 meter stat for Godzilla while giving a whole new history to it, including a name drop of Dr. Shiragami from Godzilla vs. Biollante.


Ah, here we go. I’m just going to break this down into normal, Supercharged and Special Color.


The body is a dark green with red eyes. The crimson of the eyes is applied nicely with all figures I’ve ever owned of it with little to no paint slop. The spines are painted a silver, all the way from the tip of the skull to the very end of the tail. This really helps make it look better than most similarly sized, cheap toys of the era. The claws and teeth are all nicely painted and, surprisingly, the monster king’s tongue is painted a deep red. This is a detail that can be easily missed.


My favorite version growing up, Supercharged Godzilla is colored completely black and represents the actual character the best of the bunch. The eyes and tongue are now the same shade of deep red while the claws are now darker, almost brown. The teeth still remained a lighter shade, contrasting nicely with the dark skin and red eyes and tongue. The beast’s spines are now a metallic blue, appearing as if he’s about to fire off his famous atomic ray. This blue color runs all the way down from his head to the tip of his tail. I only really wish that the eyes would have been blue as well, even if this is a feature that really wasn’t seen until Legendary’s MonsterVerse.

Special Color:

I’ve seen people say this looks like Meltdown Godzilla. While I do agree, somewhat, I personally think it looks more akin to the scene in 1989’s Godzilla vs. Biollante where Miki Saegusa uses her powers and Godzilla flashes red. The colors here look beautiful, with the main color being orange. The spines are now yellow and the claws black. The teeth are still white, but the eyes are now the same shade of yellow as the spines. Strangely, there are purple highlights on the figure to break up the burning vibes. Finally, there are yellow and white on the beast’s torso.


It might be bias because this is one of a handful of figures that kicked off my obsession with the King of the Monsters, but I can’t really fault it much. Yeah, I wish the hands were posed a bit more evenly. That’s really all I can say negatively about the sculpt. The paint looks great, if not simple for the basic release. The Supercharged version is just a great representation of the Heisei Godzilla, and the 40th anniversary repaint is just an eye catching shelf popper.

**Below are several bonus images for all 3 versions of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating