Godzilla 2014
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 Godzilla (2014)
Company: Bandai Creation
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Height: 15 centimeters
Chris Mirjahangir

Godzilla makes his 6.5 inch appearance in the Bandai Creations line as the final figure from the 2014 film from Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. The toy will sure to be a favorite amongst kids and collectors upon release.

Side View

In terms of design, Godzilla 2014 sets a bench mark in quality for Bandai Creations. The level of detail on the sculpt is very well done. The scales on Godzilla pop and the back plates have very detailed grooves in them. The mouth is frozen in a challenging roar pose which looks really cool. The vinyl is soft to the touch and even squishy when you press the shoulders together. The back plates, when you press your hand to them, aren't the brutal stabbing weapons that the NECA 12 HTT figure has. It's safe for kids which, in this line, are all that matters.

The tail, like other Godzilla figures in the line, is curved into the box. This is similar to their Godzilla 1999 figure, which has a similar pose besides just a similar curved tail. Now the tail would normally be a drag to see, but in this case it helps balance the figure because of the foot design. Plus it gets to show off the fairly cool "plate-like" design of the tail.

Curled Tail

For articulation Godzilla's arms can rotate 360 degrees and so can his legs. However, outside of that, there's no other articulation. I do wish the head would be able to move or the mouth could open and close to add more variety but it doesn't detract from the figure. The arms move at the sides and not at the shoulders which makes the figure "less ferocious" I feel. If there was a downside to the figure, although generally very solid, it would be the way the articulation is handled. A balance between sturdy but moveable would have been ideal for the target audience the toy is aimed at.

Front in Box

The paint on this figure is well done for the most part. The tongue is painted a nice deep, dark red which contrasts great with the pupil less yellow eyes. The teeth however, are a mixed bag. They look nice enough for the most part but there are also a couple of paint blobs which mar the overall coolness of the face. Finally, there's the brownish-green tint which goes from the neck to the tail which looks pretty cool and is blended really well around the shoulder area.

Overall, designed for the 4+ set, this is the perfect Godzilla for kids hyped up on the new film. Its kid friendly and safe yet eye catching enough for even the most hard core collector. Paint issues aside, this is a great figure!

Rating: Star Rating