Godzilla [2004] - 12" Classic
Version Source
 Godzilla: Final Wars
Company: Bandai Creation
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2007 Height: 26 centimeters
Steve Johnson
Released alongside the 12" Kiryu shown in my last review is Godzilla as he appeared in his final film to date, Godzilla: Final Wars (2004). Though billed at 12", Godzilla actually stands roughly 10 1/2 inches high, making him a bit shorter than Kiryu. This is puzzling in itself, as Godzilla stood 100 meters tall in Final Wars, and Kiryu was built 60 meters tall in his films. There has been no shortage of "Finaro-Goji" toys in a variety of scales, and Bandai Creation has already released him in their standard sized line, so I personally question the choice to include it in the first release of BC's large scaled figures.

Side View
With that said, I must admit that for the most part, Bandai Creation did an admirable job on the figure. It is also an improvement over their previously released 6" Finaro-Goji, although I feel the 6" had a superior head sculpt. The paint job on the larger figure is better, with each of Godzilla's fins highlighted in white, as opposed to the 6" figure, where the entire back and all the fins were sprayed white. As with many other figures produced by Bandai Creation, the tail is molded shorter then usual to keep it contained in the packaging, and I feel they did a nice job on this figure, raising and curling it slightly in an unusual position for a Godzilla figure. I actually like Godzilla's overall pose and posture a great deal, as he truly looks ready to attack as opposed to other Godzilla figures that end up looking slightly lifeless.

Head View
Godzilla features articulation at the neck, both arms, both legs, and at three seperate segments in the tail (though I ususally leave these posed as they are as I don't like to cause the fins to no longer line up properly) making him highly poseable and playable. As I previously stated with the 12" Mechagodzilla, Godzilla is equally suited to play or display. My main gripe about this figure, besides being a little too short, is the head. I feel he actually comes off a bit ugly in the face, and I'm not a fan of the eyes either.

Godzilla and Kiryu
Unfortunately for this particular release, it had a lot to overcome going into this review. I'm not a HUGE fan of this particular Godzilla design, it's already been released several times, in several scales, by several different companies over the past three years, it doesn't match up well with the only figure in the same series it was released with (Kiryu), and just seems like an overall uninspired choice. With that said, Bandai Creation redeemed themselves with the nice sculpt, even if I can't quite put my finger on everything that irks me about the creature's face. Perhaps a great deal of it is in Godzilla's mouth which seems to curl downwards and remind me of the "bird-like" mouth of the 2003 and 2004 Godzilla. In any event, I can honestly say this is a "good" figure, earning it a final grade of three stars.

If Bandai Creation continues their series further, and I certainly hope they do, and if they choose to produce more large scale toys, I'd like to see some Godzillas we don't usually see in the 12" or higher scale, such as a Burning Godzilla or any of the various Showa Godzillas (just, please stay away from the 1954 Shodai-Goji as I feel its been done to death already).
Rating: Star Rating