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 Godzilla, Mothra and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack
Company: Bandai
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Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2001 Height: 21 centimeters
Anthony Romero

2001 marked a huge turnaround for Bandai. Their line for Godzilla Island (1997) was okay, while the toys for Godzilla 2000: Millennium (1999) and Godzilla vs. Megaguirus (2000) were a small improvement. For the next theatrical Godzilla feature Bandai felt it was time to return to the "8 inch line" that they had ignored since the closure of the Heisei series. This transition turns out to be a night and day one for the company, who had been regarded as a great toy maker for the Godzilla series but whose attention to detail suddenly took a giant leap forward. Now while the star from this line is the amazing 2001 King Ghidorah, this figure for Godzilla is still very impressive, even to this day. It features a wealth of detail, a great representation of its movie counterpart, and also manages to capture the right proportions not just of the figure but also compared with its costars in this line as well.

Close Up

Now the detail placed into this figure is truly commendable. The hide in particular looks great, and is varied as well. The chest, for example, looks different from the legs which look different from the skin on his tail. It's the type of attention to detail that is so well done that it really allows one to just marvel at it on occasion. The proportions are also done well, the giant feet and relatively smaller hands all being the correct relative size.

In terms of the paint job, it's simple but well done. The figure is mostly a charcoal gray, which is as it should be. The few areas that are colored include the nails, teeth, tongue, eyes, and dorsal fins. The face aspect is colored in more precise, while the nails and dorsal fins are given the "spray paint approach" with the coloring being less precise. Despite this, the nails and dorsal fins still look good and the coloring on the dorsal fins does actually go all the way down the tail as well.

Back View

In regards to moveable parts, the figure has a good number of them. Head, arms, feet, and tail can all rotate. Basically it's all the points one would want to have moveable, allowing it to be posed in a variety of positions while also allowing the flexibility for day-to-day wear from a kid playing with it.

Despite the relative greatness of this figure, though, it does have a few minor things to complain about. The first of these complaints is the mouth area, specifically the teeth. The bottom ones are fine, but the top is actually a solid line of plastic which has the teeth painted on that stick slightly out. This has the benefit of increased durability, but given that the bottom teeth are sturdy enough there really was not a good enough reason why a similar thing couldn't have been done for the top. For the second complaint, the dorsal fins on the back are from a separate mold. This means that the area where they connect to the back is visible. It would have been nice had the entire body be a single mold, but it's really a minor complaint.

Overall, this is one of Bandai's better figures. It's not perfect, but there really isn't much to criticize.

Rating: Star Rating