Toy: Godzilla 1964 12" Head to Tail (NECA)


Godzilla 1964 12" Head to Tail

English Toy Title

12" Head to Tail Action Figure – 1964 Godzilla (Mothra vs Godzilla)


Breath effect piece


15 centimeters


Mothra vs. Godzilla



By: Chris Mirjahangir

One of Godzilla's best known suit designs has made it into the NECA line! How is it? Read below!


I really like what NECA did for this release. It almost looks like it’s an angrier version of the original 1964. The scales look great and while it’s not the most suit accurate interpretation of the design, it looks really cool!


Chest View
Chest View

For articulation, it’s pretty much the standard fare but I will say that this figure can be rather stiff, so a little more pressure might be needed. Godzilla's arms swivel up and down 360 degrees and the arms can move at the elbow and the fingers can move and they can move at the palm. The feet and legs can move 360 degrees along with the head. The jaw can move up and down, but it has an extra piece of articulation in the mouth where you can get it to open all the way to put the beam in, and then you can close it so you get a little bit of gap on between the upper jaw, and then you can push it again to entirely close the mouth. It's really cool and makes for some pretty cool expressions. Finally, the tail has some truly great articulation and it holds poses nicely.


For accessories Godzilla comes with a beam effect. While it's not the same beam as the 62 release, like that effect it's also not the film accurate color. It would have been nice if it was the film accurate blue but it looks like NECA for whatever reason didn't want to do that. While the beam effect fits into Godzilla's mouth, it doesn't really seem to extend and instead sort of droops. It’s sort of anti climatic.


I like the paint on the figure quite a bit. The claws and toenails and eyebrows have a very nice shade of gray to them while the back plates have a great bit of black and a lighter gray fade into them. The eyes are typically the big problem for figures but this one is perfect. I see no goofy cross eyes or anything going on. The inside of the mouth is a cool sort of bright red color and the teeth, outside of what looks like a couple of possible blemishes or I can't tell if it's a little bit of black added for detail, but it looks nice. My only real complaint is that the paint job isn’t quite as nice as it is on the back of the box.


Overall, this is a pretty cool figure and highly recommended. It's nice to see another Showa or entry out in the world!

**Below are several bonus images, including alternate views of the body and face.**

Rating: Star Rating