Toy: Godzilla 1962 12" Head to Tail (NECA)


Godzilla 1962 12" Head to Tail

English Toy Title

12" Head to Tail Action Figure – Godzilla (King Kong vs. Godzilla 1962 Movie)


Breath effect piece


15 centimeters


King Kong vs. Godzilla



By: Chris Mirjahangir

Godzilla 1962, the second Showa era figure in NECA’s Godzilla line, is here and it’s a pretty cool figure!


Design-wise this is one of the more heavy and bulky figures. Godzilla looks like an approximation of the film counterpart here. The scales are beautifully done and the back plates are that nice soft vinyl. They feel really great to the touch. I really like how they captured the sort of froggish face crossed with reptile face. One thing that kind of puzzles me is that the toenails are different sizes on the left foot than the right foot.


Front View
Front View

For articulation, Godzilla's arms can swivel up and down 360 degrees, but you kind of have to force it if you go outside 180 degrees. The arms can move at the elbow and the fingers can move and they can move at the palm but only very slightly. The feet themselves can rotate 360 degrees and the legs can move 360 degrees, but you really have to force them. The head can move 360 degrees and the jaw can move up and down, but it has an extra piece of articulation in the mouth where you can get it to open all the way to put the beam in, and then you can close it so you get a little bit of gap on between the upper jaw, and then you can push it again to entirely close the mouth. It's really cool and makes for some pretty cool expressions. The head rests on some sort of neck sheath which can also rotate 360 degress. The tail itself is pretty cool, and once you do the hair dryer trick to heat up the ball joint on the tail and insert the tail, it should fit in snug.


For accessories, the only thing that comes with the figure is the beam effect. While it's not accurate in the least because Godzilla did not have a white beam (he had a blue beam in the film), it's still is a nice effect. It fits snugly in the mouth and once you pop it in, it's ready to go.

The beam itself is a sort of whitish yellow effect part with great detail to simulate a beam. The beam also has a wash of white paint on it which really brings it to life. My only complaint is that it wasn’t the film-accurate blue.



The paint, for the most part, is nicely done. The toenails are probably the worst offender with a little bit of paint on top of the toenail on the left side foot, and there're some missing paint spots. The eyes still look pretty nice, but one pupil is smaller than the other, but overall you most likely won't notice - it does depend on your figure because these are mass-produced. The inside of the mouth looks pretty good and it has a nice rose color along with the rest of the inner jaw. The teeth have a couple blemishes here but they’re really well done and have a nice almost dirty white/yellow to them. The back plates look pretty cool as well with the white paint blended into the dark green of the back plates. The claws on the hands look pretty cool, but I do wish they were a little bit whiter to emulate the scene where Godzilla attacks the military base in that wide shot at the start the sequence. What's nice is that on the S.H. MonsterArts Godzilla, the paint on the claws as like in the movie disappeared later in the film, so it seems like this one is the Godzilla from the start of the film.


Overall, this is a really cool figure and I definitely recommend it. It's not the suit accurate one for the film, but it is close enough and is its own sort of design. Special mention to the box where NECA has decided to go with the old movie posters to show a sense of history, which is a huge plus.

**Below are several bonus images, including alternate views of the body and face.**

Rating: Star Rating