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Giant Size Godzilla 2014

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Giant Size Godzilla




JAKKS Pacific
61 centimeters





By: Chris Mirjahangir

JAKKS Pacific 2014 Godzilla is the biggest Godzilla figure in existence created for the film. Designed for the way younger set for rugged play, it's a welcome addition and stands out for that reasons compared to the S. H. MonsterArts and NECA versions which are aimed at the 14+ crowd. It's also one of the most sought after figures. Many have been unable to find it in stores and had to resort to purchasing it on online. Giant and imposing, it's a must have for any Godzilla collector. As a bonus, following the text review is a video review by Jacob Hass as a tag team review of the figure.


Side View
Side View

According to the box, the figure stands 24 inches tall and is sometimes billed online as the "Godzilla 24" Big Action Figure". While its height is massive, its length is even more impressive. The tail is over three feet long, giving him a total length of over 43 inches.

In terms of design, Godzilla is composed of light hollow plastic and rubber which makes for rugged play possible for children. The back plates are of a soft rubber so little hands won't get hurt. The tail is made up of soft rubber as well and is separated into three separate pieces when shipped in the box. The pieces are very easy to attach and detach, especially due to the "twist and snap in" style of attachment of the main portion of the tail. The figure is also quite bumpy with the scaly legs and sides and they feel great to the tough. It's almost as if you have your own pet Godzilla which I think is what Jakks was going for.

Weight wise, Godzilla is very light with most of the weight being in the rubberized tail section. Upon closer look, one would notice what looks like a spot for a speaker and when the figure was released, some fans dismantled the figure to find that a section may have been set aside for a sound feature. It seems that this idea was dropped either, in my best guess, due to cost, weight on the figure, or it just didn't work right in time for release.


For articulation Godzilla's head, hands, and feet can all rotate 360 degrees while the arms and legs seem to rotate about 45 degrees. His jaw can open and close as well. This isn't a figure meant for posing as it is for being played with and for little kids, the included articulation will be perfect. The tail does swing back and forth however. I don't know if that can actually count as articulation but I'm including it anyway!




Back View
Back View

There's not much in the way of paint on the figure since most of the color comes from the mold itself. There's a nice dark green fade on the chest but the colors on the rest of the figure don't necessarily match it. The color for the rubber head matches neither the body nor the backplates. Will the intended audience care? Most likely not. Moving on to the actual paint-it's minimal. The teeth are just quickly painted white dots while the eyes seem to be either well places stickers or intricately painted. It's tough to tell. Rounding out the paint is Godzilla's tongue. It's a bright pink with a red fade on the lower portion. It actually works for the figure and gives it a nice pop.


Close Up
Close Up

Overall, designed for rugged play, this Godzilla is not only a welcome addition for the Godzilla collector but for any child who is familiar with Godzilla and wants a big figure to play with or a child who just likes big dinosaurs. The price is a little high at $60+ dollars (including shipping in some online stores) and I wish there was a sound feature to help warrant the price. The figure is a must own for Godzilla collectors yet those who have kids who are VERY rough with their toys might want to think a little bit before plunking down the cash.

For a special bonus, here is a complementing video review of the toy as well by Jacob Hass.

Rating: Star Rating

Addendum: Giant Size Godzilla 2019

Source: Godzilla King of the Monsters

This is somewhat of an an addendum to the previous release of this figure from five years ago to fit the re-release for “Godzilla King of the Monsters”. While the articulation and design remain the same, there are a few differences.


The paint is a little more sparse in some ways on this figure. It's a little bit different than it was on the previous version where it's more like it was sprayed on it supposed to an actual solid front. The teeth look like they were painted the same and the tongue seems to be a brighter pink than the last one. Dead on, the eyes are a little bit lopsided but I don't think that the intended audience will care very much. The eyes seem to be to be stickers as opposed to paint.


This is pretty much the same design as the previous version with a few changes though. Although, one thing that really hasn't changed is what looks like a sort of speaker hole in the front. It looks like the company just went and reused the same mold but did do a little bit of retooling around the tail. This time around, there are little hinge holes in the side of the jaw. I don't know why they're there if this is to be the same mold as the previous version. My guess is that there's been a little more retooling in the head.

To the touch, the figure is a little bit more of a matte finish as opposed to the sleek and smooth at the previous version. The back rubber seems largely the same and the back plates are as soft as the previous version as well.

Overall, it’s nice to see this toy again for those who are new to Godzilla or missed out it when it was released five years ago. It would have been nice it if had the updated backplates but, what can you do?

Rating: Star Rating