Toy: Giant Godzilla 2004 (Playmates Toys)


Giant Godzilla 2004

English Toy Title

Classic Giant Figures: Giant Godzilla 2004




Playmates Toys
28 centimeters


Godzilla: Final Wars



By: Jeremy Williams (submission)


Side View
Side View

For this release of the 2004 Godzilla, I’m curious if playmates based their figure on the Bandai Creation figure of around the same size or if they were allowed access to the molds of the figure, as the figure, aside from difference in paint applications and color, seems to be quite close to that figure that had been reissued by Bandai over the years. But as I’ve only ever seen the figure in stores and have never actually owned the Bandai released figure I won’t be able to make too many comparisons with that figure in this review. But I think overall the figure is quite good, if not a bit lacking considering what we’ve seen done in this price range and scale before, as the head on the figure is probably the best looking feature on the figure, next to the dorsal plates that is.

But the main body, most notably the neck, seems incomplete compared to the details featured elsewhere on the figure, and look overly smoothed over as well, especially when compared to other parts of the figures like the limbs and parts of the tail. I’m also not very much a fan of the positioning of the legs as it doesn’t seem like a great pose for the figure and to me looks a little bit awkward. But that’s more of a personal nitpick. One major issue I have with the figure though is the fact that the feet don’t really have a bottom to them and are in fact hollow plastic. To me, it seems like such an odd choice for this figure, as I’m not aware of any recent releases of Godzilla figures in this scale over the years having to do the same thing for it to maintain its price.


Not surprisingly, the articulation on this figure is quite limited, as the only articulation possible on this figures is swivel articulation. Not a real knock against the figure at all in my opinion. Again, the only real issue I have with it is the way the legs are positioned. And while you can rotate them almost 360°, if the arms weren’t in the way, the figure also wouldn’t be able to stand properly if they aren’t positioned just right. There are though two point of articulation in the tail, one in the head, one in each arm and each leg, as well as a swivel joint in each of the feet.




I feel this is is probably going to be a common complaint with some of the early Playmates figures, though I feel the fact that the figure is bigger helps with some of the lack of paint on these figures as well as some of the sloppiness of the applications, as the paint application on the nail, eyes, teeth, and dorsal plates is fairly clean. Aside from that though, the figure is mostly the color of the plastic it was molded in, with a bit of blending around the back of the figure near the dorsal plates.


While it may seem like I was being a bit harsh, I really don’t think it’s a bad figure. I just wish Playmates had done a bit more with the figure that I don’t think would’ve affected the price too much, especially as we've seen what other companies have done in this price and scale in recent years. But I do still think it’s a good figure for younger kids. And with it being made of a harder plastic it’s sure to be very durable when it comes to bring played with.

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Rating: Star Rating