Version Source
 Gamera: Guardian of the Universe
Company: X-Plus
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2002 Height: 15 centimeters
Anthony Romero

Simply stated, X-Plus is one of the premiere developers in terms of the market for kaiju toys. This release, done a few years after they tested the waters in 2000 with releases for the Showa Gamera series, is based on the title character from Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995) and maintains the company's strong attention to detail.

Close Up

This figure is very impressive from all angles. The face is fantastic, with great detail in the mouth and with eyes that fairly represent the way the suit looked in the movie. The beast does look a little awkward head on, due to the way the eyes look, but this is a problem with the suit as well and is only caring over this aspect. Plus, the folds and wrinkles found here all do well to breath life into its facial stance.

In terms of the rest of the body, it's all well done. The hands in particular look great, with lush detail and are also sturdy despite looking rather thin. The feet also look great, and capture the rather alien appearance that they displayed in the movie. The monster's stomach in particular also looks stunning, complete with the plate-like pattern found in the film.

Back View

Moving to the back, the toy's shell is also stellar. It's great not only in detail, but also in proportion, as is everything about this figure. The tail of the toy also looks impressive, especially from a side angle.

In terms of the paint job, the figure gets high marks across the board. Mouth, eyes, hands, and more all look picture perfect. In particular praise should be given for the varying green paint job applied to the body, which has several tones to it. This deserves praise as it far surpasses similar techniques from Bandai, such as on their 1998 release of Mechagodzilla '93, as it breaks up the monotony that an all green figure would have had but at the same time looks very natural unlike Bandai's "highlight" method.

On the downside, though, this release is less a toy and more a model. If one really pushes the hands, they can move them a little, but otherwise the figure is immobile and limited in that regard. As a side note, the figure also comes unassembled. I note this as I recall it being quite a pain to construct mine as I had to heat the plastic for quite awhile under a hot blow dryer in order to finally get it soft enough to fit the pieces together.

Overall, this is a great release, and my favorite toy dedicated to the fire breathing turtle, regardless of the version being discussed.

Rating: Star Rating