Version Source
Company: LumiSource
Extras: None
Classification: Lamp Reissue: No
Release: 2006 Height: 23 centimeters
Steve Johnson

For my first "non-toy" collectible review, I'm going with a possibly contraversial one. Bootlegs and knock-offs are something a lot of fans are passionate about one way or another. On one hand, for many years bootlegs of Godzilla VHS tapes were the only way to see the Big G's 90's adventures, and if you don't care about value, there are bootlegs of various Godzilla toys in varying quality available. On the other hand, opponents of such items claim they decrease the value of geniune collectibles, and can prevent actual licensed items from coming to market.


This particular item is interesting because unlike most other Godzilla knock-offs, this was actually legally released and available in retail stores....though I suspect Toho knew nothing about it. Or perhaps I'm just seeing a resemblance where there truly isn't one, and "Flamezilla" is an entirely original creation.


I found this on the shelves of Spencer's Gifts about 2 years ago, in the back of the store, past the fluffy handcuffs and pasta shaped like genitals. It's about 9 inches high (the lamp, you degenerates, not the genital pasta), with a 7 inch long light coming from the mouth. The first thing I noticed about "Flamezilla" is that, especially for a knock-off, it bares a great resemblance to the 1990's Godzilla, even moreso than some official Godzilla products I've seen. I seriously have no idea how this came to market without a lawsuit. Anyway, Godz-....err....FLAMEzilla is depicted rising up from the sea and firing an atomic blast into the air. Much like Godzilla's breath, the bulb is colored blue, so the lamp looks pretty cool even when turned off.


I must complain, however, that when turned on the "lightning" effect inside the bulb turns it a rather pinkish-purple color. Then again, this clearly is NOT "Godzilla" so, why would I quibble about coloring? Purple's fine!

"Flamezilla" comes in a colorful cardboard box. The front of the box pictures the lamp, turned on, with the phrases "Terror Beyond Imagination!" "He Breathes FIRE" and "From The Depths of the SEA", showing soldiers firing at Flamezilla while a crowd of (oddly all caucasian) people run from him. The back of the box states "Oh no....there goes Tokyo!! Up from the depths of the ocean floor, the great beast FLAMEZILLA is awoken from his slumber. Pity the folly of mankind as the flaming behemoth wreaks havoc and mayhem upon the hapless city. Don't walk...RUN for your life!"

All in all, this was a neat little find. Though it won't light up a room, it looks cool enough when turned on, or even turned off. I can't really fault it for being a knock-off, as as far as I know, no one's released an official Godzilla lamp stateside, and after all, this isn't "Godzilla" we're talking about, it's "Flamezilla". If you're interested in tracking one down, I see him frequently on eBay. It originally retailed for $29.99 which I feel is a reasonable price. The only faults I can find with the product are the color the bulb turns when lit up, and I can't help but wish for some sort of audio functions as well...hell, 99% of the toy dinosaurs out there steal Godzilla's roar, why not this too? Minor complaints aside, it's a cool collectable.

Rating: Star Rating