Toy: Ebirah Type B (Y-MSF) Name
 Ebirah Type B
Version Source
 Ebirah, Horror of the Deep
Company: Y-MSF
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 2014 Length: 24 centimeters
Joshua Reynolds (submission)

Ebirah, one of the most basic of all of Godzilla’s opponents, has been missing a descent vinyl figure for enough time. Thus, in 2014, Y-MSF answered the call. Ebirah was finally given its rightful figure. Like many of their other figures, Ebirah is exceptionally limited in quantity and fetches a much higher price compared to Bandai’s similar line. This is a figure designed for collectors and not for a child’s plaything. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.


Bottom View

The sculpt is great. However, there are some things that could have been done better. The most apparent would be Ebirah’s long whiskers which look… exceptionally fat here. In the film, these whiskers are very thin. Here, they’re thick. I imagine this was done to prevent them from easily breaking. The same things could be said for Ebirah’s legs. Like the whiskers, I can also imagine this was done to prevent easily breaking and also being done to support its weight. However, besides these small complaints, Ebirah’s sculpt is awesome. Everything from its mouth to its tail is highly detailed and textured. Even the underside has great amounts of detailing.


Ebirah comes with no accessories, as expected for a Y-MSF release.


Size Comparison

On articulation, Ebirah has your basic vinyl figure joints. However, being a crustacean, this amounts to simply being able to rotate its arms. I must admit that I think it would have been neat to include the ability to open and close its claws, but that would probably be asking too much for a vinyl release. The figure does scale well with six inch figures. It does seem a tad too big, but nothing that’s an eye sore. And it just looks awesome when with the Y-MSF Godzilla 1965.


Ebirah is molded in pinkish vinyl. The paint job is done exceptionally well here with a multitude of highlights and darkened areas, making it rather difficult to even tell which color acts as the base. The eyes are painted an evil red, spikes gray, and even the underside has gray shading. Not a single part of this guy looks boring. Just a tremendous job with the paint all around and one of my favorite jobs done by Tempting Toys, the only place you can find this figure and where you can find other Y-MSF figures with movie-accurate paint jobs.


In the end, I highly suggest it. If you’re a collector of vinyl figures in general, this will probably be you’re only chance to add Ebirah to your shelves. Not for the basic collectors used to spending $20-$30 on a vinyl release, but for my fellow enthusiast, this should be a must have. There are just not enough releases of this kaiju to warrant not getting it.

Rating: Star Rating