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Classic Playmates Toys: Destoroyah




Playmates Toys
16 centimeters


Godzilla vs. Destoroyah



By: Joshua Reynolds (submission)

I generally don’t do reviews for newer toys like this unless they’re a limited release, but I wanted to get my thoughts and everything on this new line out and in the open. I admit, I was heavily disappointed when these were initially shown off. I don’t know all the behind the scenes details on why these were pumped out, but I imagine it does have something to do with the postponing of Legendary’s Godzilla vs. Kong and the company dealings to have Godzilla toys in stores by March. And that leads us to Playmates Toys’ new “Classic” Godzilla line…

Or as I like to call it, Bandai Creation Light.

In this first (and possibly last) line, there’s four figures: Gigan 2004, Godzilla 2016, SpaceGodzilla and Destoroyah. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart in the midst of the Coronapocalypse, I found the new Gigan and Destoroyah finally show up. I was taken back because, honestly, I really don’t know how I feel about these. So I decided to take a closer look at Destoroyah, the one in which I feel stands out better.


Leg Gap
Leg Gap

So Destoroyah is in your typical six inch scale. His body, tail and legs seem to be sculpted in hard plastic. His arms and head in hard vinyl and all four wings in rubber. The sculpt detail is EXTREMELY light. The “shape” of Destoroyah is definitely here, but it’s all just so smooth and simple. There are no details here at all. And I think it is this lack of detailing that hurts the figure the most. It can be said this is done as it is just a kid’s toy and isn’t aimed at collectors, and that is a perfectly fine argument. However, it is very disheartening when older toy lines, such as Trendmasters, actually had sculpt details. Even other toy lines from today’s age have A LOT more detailing. Just compare this guy to something like a Jurassic World raptor. This is just sad.

Also worth noting, where the legs join the body, there is a REALLY awkward gap that just cuts into the entire body.


This is where this Destoroyah shines compared to his similar Bandai MMS and Bandai Creation figures. Destoroyah’s head, arms and legs can all rotate. Additionally, his tail has two points of articulation: the base and the mid-section. This allows the beast to be posed as if flying, something no other vinyl can really do without looking pretty bad. And finally, all four of Destoroyah’s wings are able to rotate. You can display this Destoroyah with its wings folded or outstretched entirely, something no other vinyl of the monster can do.




The second killer of this figure: paint, or lack there of. Destoroyah is molded in a dull red color with some lazy gray applied on its claws and tusks. Destoroyah’s teeth are not individually painted and instead are just simple lines on each upper and lower jaw. The horn and eyes are a simple, bright shade of yellow. Finally, it has a lighter shade of red applied to the sides of its head and larger wings. A barely noticeable orange has also been quickly sprayed onto its chest and center of its back.


So… yeah. It’s a $12 kids toy with horrible sculpt details and paint, but the best articulation of any Destoroyah outside of a higher end collectable line. I still don’t know how I feel about this line. It really feels like a quick cash grab, but the reasons for its existence make sense, if those fan theories are true. I like the fact I’m seeing more classic Godzilla kaiju in big stores like Wal-Mart, I just really wish they’d be something a bit better. Hopefully, if Playmates does make more, they can learn from these mistakes and give us a line that is at least on par with Bandai Creation’s previous line… Just don’t keep doing the same reissues year after year.

**Below are a number of bonus images of the figure.**

Rating: Star Rating