Version Source
 Daigoro vs. Goliath
Company: Bullmark
Extras: None
Classification: Figure Reissue: No
Release: 1972 Height: 20 centimeters
Anthony Romero

I have a habit of avoiding the more stylized figures in favor of those that are more detailed and based as closely as possible to their movie counterparts. Laying eyes upon the Bullmark figure of Daigoro, however, I knew exceptions had to be made as I'm a sucker for the more obscure kaiju as well.

Head Shot

Manufactured by Bullmark, the figure is aptly stylized as their lines tend to be, fitting in well with the more cartoony design for the character itself. There is just enough detail to sell the look of the character, from the folds in the neck to the belly button, while not being so overly detailed to betray the general look of a Bullmark figure.

The back is aptly appealing, looking almost like a giant bee hive crossed with an accordion, and ending in a cute little tail. The smooth quality of the figure also gives it a good shine to it, while feeling nice to the touch... which might sound odd, but will make more sense with the figure in your hand.

Back View

In terms of coloring, the original suit was fairly monotone with just a straight light orange. The coloring on the Bullmark, although matching the tone of the suit, also adds in a lot of dark brown highlighting, especially on the back, which adds some nice variety to the design and makes it look a little more busy than a solid tone would have without overpowering the simplistic look of the character. The mouth is appropriately red, while the teeth are colored white; furthermore, the eyes are white and black... nothing of much to note, although the coloring doesn't feel sloppy in these areas.

As for articulation, the figure is extremely limited in this regard. The head can swivel left to right and the two arms can move up and down, which is about the extent of it.

Overall, the toy is goofy looking, but that fits in perfectly with the character it's based on. This is one of the few figures where I have seen people totally unfamiliar with the character snatch it up just for appearing to be a "goofy looking hippo", which is an apt description. So while it won't be a gem in anyone's collection, it's nice enough to be worth owning to anyone who might even have a passing enjoyment of Daigoro vs. Goliath (1972).

Rating: Star Rating